Samsung Gear S4 Leaks – Comes With New Features and Bigger Than The Previous One

Samsung Gear S3 is about to be replaced by its successor as we are now finding out about the latest rumors, latest leaks, latest details and obviously about the launch. At the moment, both watches are passing through the FCC.

Details on the next Samsung wearable

According to Galileo, the Samsung Gear S4 is rumored all over the internet to have its name changed in Samsung Galaxy Watch in order to match the South Korean company’s Galaxy S series of smartphones. FCC – the US Federal Communications Commission has confirmed the affirmations stated above and they also have more information about other two different Galaxy Watch devices.

Regarding the devices and their specific features or specs, the US Federal Communications Commission does not give a lot of details. They only mentioned what radio communication standards will be used (Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc) and the placement of the regulatory text on the device. Because the LTE was confirmed, it gives a hint on how Samsung will manufacture some versions of the Galaxy Watch which will work on their personal connection while facilitating online services without the usage of a smartphone being needed.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch will come in two different sizes. The big model of Samsung Galaxy Watch, based on Droid Life’s affirmations, will measure 48mm more than the smaller model of Samsung Galaxy Watch which will be 51.2mm x 43.4mm in size with a 1.19-inch display. The same source also has compared the two devices by putting them side by side and also compared them with a larger 1.3-inch display.

Release date

Rumors and information do not stop here and they bring us the date of the marvelous release of Samsung Galaxy Watch or Samsung Gear S4. On the 9th of August 2018, Samsung will host a big event in Brooklyn, New York City, called Unpacked. As previously heard from other sources, the Galaxy Note 9 will be released that day and the Samsung wearable will follow its path. If those rumors are not accurate, another assumption is that the Samsung Galaxy Watch will be launched in later August at Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Some other details about this smartwatch are that a heart rate monitor might be incorporated in order to keep track of your heartbeat while wearing the watch. It would be a great feature especially for users who need to know their heart rate pretty often.

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