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Samsung Gear S4 Gets Closer Every Day and Starts Revealing Its Secrets

Technology is constantly evolving, so new gadgets are appearing at a fast rate. People are fascinated by the latest releases from the tech market, so they don’t want to miss to chance of trying new devices as soon as they appear. The longer the wait, the more they appreciate an item.

The situation is similar with Samsung Gear S4. Also called Galaxy Watch, this device is coming closer and closer every day. According to recent reports, the smartwatch may come in a new color and will feature a bigger battery than its predecessor, the Gear S3.

The device is coming with new features

This information is not yet confirmed, but the mentioned reports state that the already anticipated ”classic” model might get some other color boost. Other news is connected to the battery size. It looks like the Samsung Gear S4 will have a 470mAh battery, while the Gear S3 only had 380 mAh.

In terms of battery, one other awesome feature needs to be mentioned. The new smartwatch from Samsung just got a wireless charger certified in South Korea and it looks like it’s not the only device to receive this practical addition; it will be followed by the Gear S4 ”Frontier”.

Although so far we haven’t seen any image of the new device’s wireless charger, we can assume that it will be similar to Gear S2 and S3 chargers. This means that we will see a small magnetic stand on which we can securely snap the watch.

When can we use the Gear S4 for the first time?

The customers’ experience with previous S Gears is excellent. Gear S3 and Sport versions provided extended battery life (and by this we mean 2 days on a single charge), so now our hopes are high for the Gear S4. Giving its specifications, we expect to see it reaching top performances, especially when it comes to battery life and wireless charging possibilities.

With all the information we have so far, smartwatch fans are looking forward to get their hands on the Gear S4. Until we will be able to actually see and use the device, all we can do is wait. The good news is that we will receive answers to all our questions soon because the gadget will officially be revealed in the following months. Until then, let’s enjoy what we already have!

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