Samsung Gear S4 and Tab S4 Latest Release Date Leaks

We previously thought that the South Korean tech giant was going to announce the Gear S4 and the Tab S4 right along with the Note 9. For those of you not up to date with what Samsung is planning, the company is going to host a release event this August for the Note 9, meaning that the smartphone is finally out and ready to be sold. A new rumor says that we will have to wait a bit more until the South Korean tech company announces their next wearable device ad their latest tablet. Today we will be giving you all the information that we have managed to acquire based on this rumor.

Samsung Gear S4 and Note 9

This information surfaced up on Twitter, as with most leaks which give us information about next devices meant to be released soon. The source of information states that the devices are set to be released during the IFA conference event in Berlin.

This rumor seems to contradict with other pieces of information that have surfaced up online recently. We are talking about particular information that we know about the smartwatch, the Gear S4. Almost every report that we hear about the wearable device stated that the company was planning to announce it during the release event for their latest smartphone. However, this new rumor contradicts previous ones. We would like you to keep in mind the fact that neither of these rumors has been confirmed, so it is all a matter of speculation at this point.

On the other hand, while it seems like these two rumors contradict each other, this may not be the case. For one, we are aware of the fact that IFA 2018 is set to begin at the end of August and we expect Samsung to be one of the companies that will headline this event. This will make the perfect opportunity for the South Korean company to officially announce either of these two devices that we have previously mentioned.

If the Gear S4 and the Tab S4 are unveiled during the first stages of IFA, then this means that both of these rumors were correct. One of them said that we would not see the company release any other device along with the Note 9 and the other stated that Samsung would announce two new devices (the tabled and the smartwatch) in August. Technically, they could both turn out to be true.

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