Samsung Gear 3 and Gear Sport Receive Value Pack Updates

Samsung has brought in some dramatic changes to the functionalities of its flagship wearable devices, the Samsung Gear 3 and the Samsung Gear Sport via updates termed the Value Pack. There are several modules added to the smartwatches addressing areas like health or wellness, communication and combination with other apps to deliver more than what you had bargained for.

Health App Made Quite Dynamic

Going beyond just counting of steps or other routines, the smartwatches can now track your performance over several types of workouts including 20 indoor ones. The software can keep the track of the exercises in the sequence you perform and show you the results in the same order.

On keeping track of your sleep patterns etc., the function has been made simpler with this update. Only if you are keen on a detailed report on your previous night’s sleep, it will show you the complete analysis on tapping “View Detail”.

Smarter Navigation

The Value Pack update for the Samsung Gear 3 and the Gear Sport has made certain tasks easier. One is the introduction of a Quick Panel that displays the choice of modes. There are two significant modes here. One is a DND type Theater Mode where you won’t be disturbed by alarms or other alerts by putting the smartwatch to a kind of silent mode. Typical uses could be when you are in an important meeting or in a concert or even in a movie hall. The other is the Goodnight Mode. Here, only the alarm function will be activated and rest of the alerts will be silenced. You can set these through the Settings interface.

Gear S3 Intuitive Navigation

Messaging and Call Functions Updated Too

Samsung has effected some improvements in the way the Samsung Gear 3 and Gear Sport smartwatches function while sending messages and making calls. Of course, only the Gear 3 is capable of making calls. In the messaging function, you can save a message in drafts if you are not able to complete it for any reason. You can come back later complete the message and send it. A number of new emojis etc. have been added. On the Gear 3, the update now permits to do multitasking when on a voice call.

Gear S3 MMS

Collaboration with Other Apps

The latest Value Pack update for the Samsung Gear 3 and Gear Sport smartwatches have strengthened the way the watch interacts with external apps in the areas of fitness tracking like Strava or the music apps like TIDAL.

Gear S3 fitness

The update is now available for download and you can get it from the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app.

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