Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 to come in early 2019

Samsung Galaxy X and Galaxy S10 to come in early 2019

We were never short on Samsung rumors, but it looks like now people are waiting to find out more and more things about possible future releases for their next handheld devices. With Samsung Galaxy Note 9 set to be officially released in just under a month now and with the phone’s specs having all been revealed the talk around that device is slowly dying down. We are expecting the talk to get more intense after the device is released and people start to purchase it and test it out. Alas, that is a month away, and we are ready to speak about things that are going to happen next year.

Which things? Well, of course, the rumored release dates for Samsung Galaxy X and Samsung Galaxy S10.

CES 2019 and Samsung Galaxy X

For some time now we were almost certain that the South Korean tech giant was going to unveil their newest addition to the S line, Samsung Galaxy S10, during CES 2019. It would have been a bit early compared to past release dates, but it still made sense to a degree. However, new information has surfaced up, and it is saying that CES 2019 will be the Galaxy X event and not the S10 one that we thought of. Of course, that would not be much of an issue since we are surprised to have some solid clues surrounding this device finally.

Do not expect Samsung to mass produce it. It is reportedly going to cost almost 2 thousand dollars, and the company is supposedly making between 300 and 500 thousand units. This number of smartphones suggests that not even Samsung is expecting people to flock to buy it, probably due to the price tag.

MWC 2019 for Samsung Galaxy S10

This would be the event when the South Korean tech giant is probably going to release the S10 line. Why do we call it a line, well, that is because it is believed that the device is going to come in three different variants. One of them is the standard sized device, another would be what some people are calling the S10 Plus, and the third is probably going to be a smaller version of the original device and more affordable than the other two.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of time to kill until we get to see these two devices in real life but we must confess that we cannot wait to see what they are like in real life.



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