Samsung Galaxy X: Infinity Flex Display and Latest Rumors

Samsung Galaxy X: Infinity Flex Display and Latest Rumors

Samsung Galaxy X: For a long time now we have been hearing all sorts of rumors and speculations about a folding mobile phone. Finally, it appears that Samsung managed to bring this project to life and it revealed the first prototype of a folding mobile phone at the Samsung Developer Conference that took place in San Francisco.

The name of the smartphone is Samsung Galaxy X and it is expected to be released in 2019, although there is no official information confirming this. Here are some more details about the first folding phone.

How does the device look like?

We received the first images of the folding phone, and we have to say that it exceeded our expectations. When the display of the phone is unfolded, we get a 7.3-inch screen that is able to show you up to three applications at the same time.

You can fold the device and make it look like a regular phone that has a screen placed on the outside. It works as a book, so when you open it you can see the big display that Is on the inside. The large screen can transform the device into a tablet and there will be a continuity feature which allows apps opened on the smaller screen to launch on the large screen once you unfold the device.

The large screen can be used to enlarge an app so you can see it better, or you can open multiple things at the same time. Samsung has not offered us that many details since this project is a special one at the moment and the company wants to keep information away from its rivals.

The Infinity Flex Display

The tech was named the Infinity Flex Display, and its reveal was clouded in mystery. For example, we do not know for sure whether the Galaxy X itself was shown, or just a placeholder phone. That is because Samsung decided to present it from the shadows so that we won’t be able to see the design as well. You can find the reveal from the Samsung Developer Conference online.

Samsung Galaxy X release date

As we said before, there aren’t many details available about the phone. For example, an official release date was not announced. Nonetheless, experts believe that the Samsung Galaxy X will be released in 2019. The MWC that will take place in 2019 might come with an official Samsung Galaxy X announcement.

The vice president of engineering for Android, Dave Burke, also confirmed the 2019 information. This happened in California, at a Google conference. “It’s an exciting concept and we expect to see foldable products from several Android manufacturers. In fact, we’re already working closely with Samsung on a new device they plan to launch early next year,” Burke declared.


Samsung did not offer any details about the pricing for its upcoming Samsung X phone. However, it is pretty obvious that we won’t be receiving a small price for it. If we take a look at Royole, we can see that the company will be selling its folding phone for around $1,300. Since foldable phones don’t exist on the market, high prices are expected. This might not be a good idea though since customers might avoid foldable phones at first because of their price tag, as well as the fact that they are such a new concept.

Old idea

While the announcement was made recently, Samsung has been working on a foldable phone for years. In fact, we received a prototype for that back in 2011. Obviously, the device was a lot chunkier, but it still worked even back there. The same year Samsung also released a concept video for a mobile device that bends.

In 2012 it was reported that Samsung is already trying to launch the first foldable phones, but due to some problems, the company had to push it back. We did receive another video of a foldable device. Back in 2013 it was once again reported that Samsung will release the first bendable phones. That did not happen, but we did receive the Samsung Galaxy Round which was the first curved smartphone.


Rumors and speculation about Samsung’s folding phone have existed for quite some time. For example, back in November last year there was a leak that revealed a possible interface for the Galaxy X. We could see that the display halves have a different screen, and we also took a look at how this changes when the phone is rotated.

It appears that Samsung is betting on this phone, as back in May there was a rumor that the codename of the phone was changed from Valley to Winner. Another source revealed that a special battery was created for this phone as well. The battery is curved and it has a capacity between 3.000 mAh and 6.000 mAh. Other rumors indicated that the phone will come with dual-SIM support and 512 GB of storage.

Will this technology become common in the future?

While Samsung the second first firm to unveil a foldable phone, there are multiple companies that have revealed that they are working on similar devices and they will make them available on the market soon enough. For example, the Chinese company Huawei is planning to release a foldable 5G smartphone next year. We also know that Lenovo has been working on the same technology, and back in 2016, LG presented folding screen technology at a conference.

Nonetheless, despite the efforts of well-known brands, another company managed to be the first one that revealed a smartphone with a foldable screen. Royole, a Chinese firm unveiled its device last week. The price for its phone will be around $1,300 and it will have a 7.8-inch screen. Sadly, this company is not that well known, so this could be a disadvantage, despite the fact that it is the first one to bring foldable phones on the market. Orders for Royole smartphones begin in late December.

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