Samsung Galaxy Watch is No Longer the Star of the Show

Samsung Galaxy Watch is No Longer the Star of the Show

Last month Samsung released their Galaxy Watch everybody was previously talking about and estimated how it would look like, what specs will it have and so on. Besides being so popular and awaited by fans, it also has two new contenders who might steal both its company revenue and its spotlight.

On 19th of August this year, Samsung hosted an event called Unpacked which everybody thought will be mainly focused on the Galaxy Note 9. However, the Galaxy Watch received some attention too, and it was the first to show off there.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Brand

Samsung fans were already used to the concept of Samsung Gear, and they were expecting a Samsung Gear S4. On the other hand, Samsung decided to change their game a little bit so they named their next wearable the Samsung Galaxy Watch, maybe so it would be in a concordance with their Galaxy S series of phones. Practically, the South Korean tech giant changed the brand of this particular wearable.

If you want to purchase the watch, it comes into two variants. One of them will measure 42 millimetres, and the other one will measure 46 millimeters. These two variants also come in three different finishes, so Samsung thinks about offering a wide range of possibilities to their customers and fans.

While the product was being revealed, its presentation talked a lot about its extended battery life on the larger version as so that would be the best choice of a client. What they mentioned is that the 46 millimeters variant can be used for a whole week without needing to be recharged.

As great and attracting this sounds, this is an industry which is always moving and evolving which means that there is also competition. LG announced its own wearable, and so did Huawei, one of the worst enemies Samsung has on the market of mid-range phones, especially since P20 Pro came in with three rear cameras.

The Watch W7 was announced earlier by LG, and the firm mentioned that the watch would have both a digital display and a mechanical movement of traditional timepieces. This looks like a transition from a traditional watch to a smartwatch.

Its hardware runs on Wear OS software from Google, and the firm is sustaining their idea that with a single charge of the wearable you will get two days of battery.

However, if you use your smartwatch in analog mode, it can develop this period into three to four days of usage. That mode only has to do with the mechanical hands on the product.

When it came to LG to present their new wearable, they said that besides the accurate time their watch keeps, it will also show its buyer a barometer, stopwatch, altimeter, compass directions and times when the analog mode is on. You will be able to customize it in so many ways thanks to it running on Google’s Wear OS which provides unique watch faces and other complications which could be found online. You will also have the possibility to change the band of the watch with any 22 millimeters one you enjoy.

What LG avoided to mention is the released date of their product and also how expensive it will be.

At least they said that the further information would be announced soon and there is no extended period to wait for these watches.

LG is not the only one trying the smartwatch plan, Huawei joined the competition as well. The company will release two Huawei Watch GT, one of them being the sports variant and focusing on what active people need and also a classic variant more suitable for business people.

An image of this device was leaked, and WinFuture provided it to us. It looks like the wearable will have a brown strap and on the right-hand side, it will have two buttons.

The same source also mentioned that a 420mAh battery would be incorporated into the GT Classic which might offer users even two weeks of usage.

What is still unknown is whether Huawei will choose to equip their gadget with its own made software or with the Wear OS by Google.

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