Samsung Galaxy Watch – Internal Storage in New Edition Bumped to 8GB

Galaxy Smartwatch 2

There are hints that Samsung might be working on a new version of its smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This assumption has come through the sighting of a new set of model numbers, SM-R840/845 and SM-R850/855. Some bits and pieces of information on the new device are rumored but several other details are still unclear. One aspect being mentioned is that the internal storage in the new Samsung Galaxy Watch will be increased to 8GB across the variants.

Will there be a Change in the Moniker?

The first confusion among observers is if the South Korean company will retain the same Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 moniker to the new watch or call it Active 3. There are even those who say since the company has been going about making changes to the way their smartphone models are named, a whole new nomenclature may come up for the smartwatch range as well. That is just conjecture. Leaving aside the naming of the watch model, there is no certainty on the dial sizes. It is not clear if the 40mm and 44mm sizes will be retained or newer sizes introduced. As mentioned above, the internal storage is expected to be 8GB. This might result in expanded usage of the smartwatch to listen to music and to run more apps on it.

Galaxy smartwatch

Will there be a 5G Smartwatch?

Smartwatches that can function on a standalone basis without being coupled to a smartphone have already become popular. You either have a SIM-enabled LTE version or an e-SIM model to connect. Now that 5G is expanding all over, will the South Korean giant take the leap and launch the first-ever 5G enabled Samsung Galaxy Watch? One has to wait to know this development.

Another rumor claims Samsung is going to bump the battery on the new smartwatch to 330mAh from the 247mAh battery that is fitted on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

If you put all these speculations together such as a larger dial, higher storage, and larger battery, you may indeed be looking at a 5G smartwatch bearing the model name Samsung Galaxy Watch 5G or similar.

Those sharing these rumors are sure that the device is still in the development stage and its launch may be clubbed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series phones slated for later in the year.

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