Samsung Galaxy Watch 2018 – Wear OS or Tizen OS?

Samsung’s Unpacked event is expected to be the host of Note 9’s launch. Along with the handset mentioned, Samsung might also show us a new smartwatch.

It is not a short period of time since the South Korean company had a significant and new watch release. In 2016 the company revealed its Gear S3 wearable and last fall Samsung Gear Sport, a sport-oriented smaller model, was launched. Along with this smartwatch, the Gear Fit 2 Pro made its appearance, a slimmer curved-display fitness tracker which featured most of S3’s specs. Because Samsung Galaxy Watch will be revealed ahead of Google’s Wear OS smartwatch and the next Apple Watch, the company might leapfrog other innovative wearables.

On the 9th of August 2018, Samsung will host its Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York City where CNET will be present. Below you can see some speculations about the next smartwatch.

A change in name

As the previous Samsung smartwatch’s name was Gear S3, we expected the next one to continue the count. However, many reports assume that instead of Samsung Gear S4, the company’s wearable will be called Samsung Galaxy Watch. This new name will integrate it into the Galaxy products collection. Another question would be, Samsung Gear VR will also become Samsung Galaxy VR?

Earlier reports also add that along with the change in name; the Galaxy Watch will also swap to Google’s Wear OS which raises another question.

Which software, Wear OS or Tizen? Maybe both…

Samsung got us used to the Tizen-based OS to be running on its wearable with other Google’s Wear OS-based apps. In the Samsung’s next smartwatch the users will find a 4.0 Tizen software.

Ice Universe, a famous Samsung leaker, has previously stated that Samsun Galaxy Watch will run Google’s Wear OS.  Or…maybe both those rumors are accurate. Samsung might have come up with the idea of making one version run on Tizen and a later one on Google’s Wear OS.

It is not as crazy as it sounds and super possible. Samsung’s Google Chromebooks, Windows 10 PCs, and Gear VR headsets all run on Oculus mobile software. Samsung has no limits, so it keeps playing with other company’s OSes. Furthermore, it would not be the first time Samsung would do this as it made Samsung Gear 2, a Tizen-based smartwatch, at the same time with Gear Live, one of the first Android Wear watches.


Samsung’s fascination with AI has no limits as it is on its phones and other products of the company, so it is expected to be featured on the watch as well. SamMobile confirms this along with the Tizen 4.0

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