Samsung Galaxy Watch 2: All The Rumors, Leaks and Information In One Place

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2: All The Rumors, Leaks and Information In One Place

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2: The Samsung Galaxy Watch should become a worthy rival for the Apple Watch, and it has already caused a lot of excitement for Samsung enthusiasts. This smartwatch is expected to come with numerous features and functions that are meant to make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 a worthy purchase.

Some details were already officially confirmed, while other information has yet to be released. There are also a lot of speculations online. We have managed to gather them all in one place and we are ready to share them with you.

A release date for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

If we take a look back, we can see that the Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched on August 9, 2018, at the same time when Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released. Therefore, it would make sense to receive the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 next year, in August. It would make sense to launch it during the event when Samsung Galaxy Note will be launched.

However, this information has not been officially confirmed yet. It does make perfect sense to believe this speculation though, especially since we remember the Samsung Gear devices which were considered a predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy Watches. The Samsung Gear Sport appeared in August 2017, while the Samsung Gear S3 landed in November 2016. If we analyze the pattern we can see that usually, Samsung waits around one year for another launch.


Samsung has not announced the price either. Once again we can analyze the past models. When the Samsung Galaxy Watch was released, the 42 mm model was released for $329 / £279 / AU$499, and $349 / £299 / AU$549 for the 46 mm model. The costs were even higher if you wanted to purchase a version with LTE. Therefore, we should expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 to be even more expensive.


Since Samsung did not offer us any information about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, we can only guess that the company is currently working at it. However, we have no word about any possible features. This does not mean that there aren’t plenty of speculations and rumors flying around.

One thing that we are certain about is that the Samsung Galaxy Watch will keep all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch if not all of them. This means that the upcoming smartwatch from Samsung should come with a heart rate monitor and NFC, GPS, and tracking for physical activity. We can also expect a rotating bezel and a circular face since we also received this with the Gear S3.

In terms of OS, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will run Tizen since it has been using it for quite some time now. There was a time when rumors seemed to indicated that the Galaxy Watch will use the Wear OS, but that did not come true. However, maybe we will see this switch for the Galaxy Watch 2. Wear OS has its advantages, but at the same Tizen and Samsung had a long collaboration.

Users’ hopes

Many users expressed their wishes when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. We are all hoping for different things, but there are a couple of things that we would all like to see on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

For example, the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Watches run Tizen can be a disadvantage because there are not many apps available. This is different from operating systems such as watchOS or Wear OS. Even if Samsung continues to use Tizen, most users are hoping that we are going to get a lot more third-party apps. The Samsung Galaxy is missing multiple important apps such as Google Maps, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Everyone uses these applications nowadays, and it is crucial to get them on the smartwatch as well.

Connecting with your friends should become a possibility too. For example, many users would enjoy group challenges. It would be a good way of motivating your friends, all in the spirit of competition. These challenges should connect even users that have a Gear watch or the Samsung Health applications. At the moment you can only challenge each friend individually, so a small boost would be useful for this feature.

Stress tracking should be improved as well. The watch is supposed to track our stress levels automatically, but it is not that good at this task. While it does manage to track multiple other things well, this remains a weak spot for it so it could use some improvement.

iOS compatibility could also use to be improved. The Galaxy Watch works with iOS and Android, but there are some differences between these two. It becomes obvious that it works better with Android devices. For example, when you connect with an iPhone there are several limitations. If you get a notification, you can read it on your iPhone, but you can’t reply to any of them. This is definitely something that should be changed.

Bixby could also use some changes. Since Samsung Galaxy Watch uses it, we would expect it to be at least as good as other digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. However, it is very clear that Bixby is not the best assistant, and it often happens to struggle understanding users.



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