Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Update Details – Release Date and Improvements

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Update Details – Release Date and Improvements

It has been some time since Samsung has decided to showcase a new tablet on the market. However, we recently heard and saw through various leaks that the South Korean company is hard at work on their Galaxy Tab S4.

Today we will be talking about all the specs that this tablet is rumored to have, what has it borrowed from previous models and what does is bring to the table that is new and refreshed, why it took Samsung so long to come up with a new tablet compared to the number of phones that it works on a yearly basis and last but not least when will this tablet be announced.

Samsung competing with Apple

It is already widely known by almost everyone in the mobile community that these two companies have a very strong rivalry between and it seems that this extends to tablet as well. Samsung has seen a decrease in sales recently when it comes to its tablet so we understand why it took them so long to even announce that they are working on a new one. Everything has to be perfect in order to sway people from buying iPads and buying the company’s own products.

Possible announcement date

We previously heard through the grapevine that the South Korean company was going to announce the tablet and the Mobile World Congress 2018. Since that conference already passed and we have heard close to nothing from Samsung, most people are expecting the company to make an official announcement at IFA 2018. This rumor may hold more truth than we initially think since Samsung has previously announced other tablets here in the past so they may do something similar this year. However, this all remains to be seen.

Model number clue

From what we have seen, the Galaxy Tab S4 was benchmarked with the model number SM-T835 which is a clear indicator that Samsung is working on developing a worthy successor of the Tab S3. Now we have also found out that Samsung is testing out some mysterious software builds that are named T830XXU0ARDA and T835XXU0ARDA. So far we do not know what they stand for but we are certain that another leak will come by sometime in the future telling us all that we need to know about these software builds.


This is what everyone looks at the first time that they search for something. Not just because you see the picture of the device when you search for it or see it in real life but also because one is always interested to see the size of the display and the type of the display. Going back to Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the resolution of the display is going to be 2560 x 1600 and the screen will be 10.5 inches. Now, there was a rumor going around that we will also get to see Infinity Display make a return for this tablet but from what we have seen we do not think that this will be the case since the tablet does have bezels.


The South Korean company is set to not disappoint its customers, which is why we will get to see a 12MP sensor on the rear end of the phone and an 8MP one on the front end of the phone. Yes, we usually use our phones when we want to snap a gorgeous shot but we can use these cameras on the tablet for more practical things.

After all, flaunting around a 10.5-inch tablet out in the open just to capture the sunset is not really advised. Not because it would turn out bad but because it would be somewhat difficult to work with such a big screen compared to a phone.

Processor, RAM, and storage

The tablet is set to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. When it comes to Ram, it will come with 4GB of it and it will also have 64 GB of internal storage. Yet again, a lot of storage that will allow the user to divide it up as he or she sees fit.

We are happy to see that the South Korean company is hard at work making sure that users get the storage that they need. Sadly, we do not think that it will have a micro SD slot included so that we could add even more storage to it so it seems that we will have to settle with what we already have.

Other features

Since the design of the tablet is not too different from the Galaxy Tab S3 we can expect the South Korean company to reintroduce other features that we have seen on the Tab S3 such as the S Pen stylus, the keyboard, and the AKG tuned speakers. Now, maybe we will get to see these features be tweaked a bit, maybe Samsung will work on redesigning them but we are almost certain that they will make a return.


In the end, we believe that the Samsung Galaxy tab S4 could be a worthy contender on the market once it is launched. We are more than ready to hear of a possible and plausible release date for it and see if Samsung is going to make any other official announcements concerning it until then. So far we are excited to see for ourselves, take it out of the box and test it out but we will still have to wait for that.



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