Ahead To MWC 2017: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked Image And Rumors

Ahead To MWC 2017: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked Image And Rumors

MWC 2017, one of the biggest mobile events in the world is about to come and many tech enthusiasts are waiting for it. Many mobile vendors will show off their best products on this event. One of the most awaited devices is Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Unlike the others smartphone vendors who have prepared their flagship phones as the main dish, Samsung seems to choose to serve their tablet. According to the rumors, this giant company will introduce Galaxy Tab S3.

Samsung gives us a little clue for it through their press invitation. Many people believed the teaser image that appeared on the invitation is a tablet, as they have confirmed delaying the announcement of their flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S3 design and spec


The design of Galaxy Tab S3 is likely similar to Tab S2 with the same thickness. The latest leaked image shows the device has a metal frame with the plastic enclosure. Its front face has a black color bezel and Samsung logo on the top. The home button, multitask, and back key are still placed at the bottom of the screen.

Ahead To MWC 2017: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked Image And Rumors


There is a difference between Galaxy Tab S3 and its previous gen: the S pen that is paired with the Tab. The rumors suggested Samsung will release the Silver color option for their upcoming Tab gen together with S Pen included. Off course, the Pen will have the same color with the Tab. Even though it cannot be embedded into the Tab, but Samsung will bundle into the package.

There are two rumors when it comes to spec. The first one believed Tab S3 will run on Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM, while another rumor said it will be powered by Snapdragon 652 chipset with 3GB of RAM. Galaxy Tab S3 will have a small internal memory, only up to 32GB, and we’re not sure yet if the expansion for the storage or not. However, the Tab will come with USB type-C.

Ahead To MWC 2017: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked Image And Rumors


Galaxy Tab S3 seems to adopt 9.6-inch screen size with 2048 x 1535 pixel for its resolution and has a 4:3 aspect ratio. They offer 12MP for the rear camera and 4.7 MP of the front-facing camera (the other rumor suggested 5 MP). The handset will come in two variants: WiFi only and WiFi+LTE. Galaxy Tab S3 will reportedly will cost $499 as Tab S2.

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