Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be the Fastest Smartphone Ever

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be the Fastest Smartphone Ever

Nowadays, the Internet is all about speed. We all want pages to load fast and we want to download media and other content as fast as possible. While on a desktop it’s more about the speed offered by your Internet service provider, we all know that the hardware and specs behind it are also important. And in the case of smartphones, they are all the more important. Of course, it also depends on what smartphone you have, what browser you use on it and what your mobile data plan can offer you.

But the hardware behind it all is also crucial for a good download speed. And according to what we know so far and what has been speculated, the future Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will be the fastest smartphone ever. But why? Well, it’s all in the hardware. Keep reading to find out what will make Samsung Galaxy S9 the smartphone fastest in the world.

It’s All in the LTE Modem

This is more than just speculation because it has been confirmed by Samsung itself. The tech company stated that the next version of the LTE modem that they use inside their Exynos processors will be able to support up to six carrier aggregation. And we assume that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will carry this new and improved LTE modem, reaching download speeds of up to 1.2GB per second. That’s amazing!

However, we have no idea when the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launched, but we assume that sometime during the first half of 2018 if Samsung holds true to their pattern. The company is busy right now with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have to go on the backburner for a bit. But once Samsung will focus on it, the excitement will begin.

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