Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Use Dolby Atmos with AKG Technology to Deliver Best Sound

The loudspeakers in every smartphone are usually considered inferior in terms of quality but Samsung wants to change it in their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagship models. The company has incorporated great sound technologies powered by Dolby and AKG in order to deliver true surround sound experience.

The designers have worked hard to ensure that you don’t have to actually look for earphones in order to enjoy the best sound. Most smartphones are equipped with a single front speaker which throws sound in one direction and doesn’t deliver immersion as it should. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones are different in this regard as they make use of a completely new technology.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ dolby atom

Dynamic, Slim Speakers

Samsung has used a dynamic, slim speaker on the top to ensure sound is dispersed and thrown from the front so that you can listen to music in best possible effects. The smartphone manufacturers often skip this aspect and use a mono front speaker because with bezel-less displays becoming the norm, it is difficult to integrate such a tiny speaker which has the powerful audio reproduction capacity.

While it is a technical marvel that they managed to incorporate such a small speaker on top of the display, it’s even more difficult to deliver sound that is high in terms of quality and loud enough to hear.

samsung galaxy s9 AKG technology

Improved Volume and Sound Separation

Audiophiles may find themselves familiar with these concepts as sound separation, music deliverance is what professional grade headphones, speakers deliver. Samsung has managed to pull this off with the help of AKG, the company that makes amazing headphones and also tuned the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ speakers to deliver improved bass.

The engineers have also increased the overall volume of the phone’s loudspeaker by 1.5 times. When everything is combined with Dolby Atmos, the technology used in theaters, it just becomes the best sounding speakers that you can ever come across on a smartphone.

Dolby Atmos samsung galaxy s9

Dolby Atmos Sound in a Compact Form

In their blog, Samsung confirmed that the sound level on the Galaxy S9 is at least 3 or 4dB higher than the Galaxy S8. You can easily switch on Dolby Atmos to experience immersive audio and AKG’s bass when combined with the right placement of the dynamic speakers should make it a substantial improvement when compared to the quality delivered in most other smartphones. Users can choose to switch it as the Dolby Atmos icon is found in the notification area of Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus model.

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