Samsung Galaxy S9, Nokia 6 and Huawei P20 Pro – Everything We Know So Far

This week seems to have been a very productive one when it comes to the number of news that we received relating to the phone companies and their latest projects. Today we are going to recount a couple of this week’s highlights.

The work at Samsung

Perhaps one of the most interesting rumors that we have heard this week is the fact that Samsung is currently working on a different version of the Galaxy S9 phone that will have a straight edge screen and it will pack a stronger processor. The name of the model is the SM-G8850.

The only problem with this is that Samsung is planning to release the phone only on the China market, a place where it has encountered a number of struggles when it comes to sales before. The problem with this idea is that the S9 variant already looks to be a very interesting phone when it comes to its performance and it will be a shame that more loyal markets will miss out on this opportunity. However, we can expend Samsung to release this phone on other markets as well if it performs well on the Chinese one.

Another piece of news concerning Samsung is related to the release of the Note 9. As per usual, this phone is going to be released at the Q3 convention and people expect a lot from this phone. For starters, most people are expecting to see a larger battery for the Note 9. We may even expect a large 4,000mAh battery from it.

News from Nokia

It looks like Nokia has finally made their 2018 Nokia 6 available in the UK. The phone has a number of eye-catching specs, ranging from a faster processor than before, the fact that it runs on AndroidOne and that it sports a dual-sight video mode.

Huawei P20 Pro – what we know so far

It looks like this phone may lack on some fronts that users have already come to expect. For instance, it is not going to have a headphone jack or even any form of face reading software but what this phone is going to have is an impressive 24MP camera in order to even things out. Sadly, the phone will not come with a microSD slot so you will have to balance out the number of amazing photos on the standard 128GB offered.

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