Samsung Galaxy S9 Comes With Same Displays As The Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S9 model shouldn’t arrive sooner than March or April 2018, but we already have some rumors about the devices. One of the rumors that attracted our attention is the one saying that the S9 will have the same display as the one used for the S8 model. The Bell wrote recently about this, by quoting The Korea Herald. According to their sources, Samsung has ordered a 5.8-inches and a 6.2 Infinity Displays. Apparently, they plan on using them for the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Why Are They Using the Same Displays?

Some people are intrigued by the fact that the tech giant chose to use the same type of display as the ones on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The reason for this might be the fact that they received some positive feedback on them. According to DisplayMate, these have been the most innovative smartphone displays with high performance they had ever tested.

The report issued by The Bell also claims that the company doesn’t want to run any risk this year. And it makes sense, considering the scandal they had with the batteries for their previous model. As such, going for the tested display recipe seems to be a guaranteed success.

Same Display for the S9 and S9+ As Well

Apparently, Samsung is planning on sticking to this device for the next generation of devices too. The same curved design of the screen will also be preserved, together with the Home button that will be virtual.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 8 is going to enjoy the same fingerprint reader placement as the S8 and S8+. From what it seems, Samsung is ready to use their best features on the upcoming models. And so they should, considering the high prices that would probably be attached to these devices.

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