Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Problems: Exynos Not Quite Up to Snapdragon?

Samsung’s Exynos processor is said to be creating battery problems for the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9. The Korean maker’s Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ are both available, being launched all over the world on the 16th March.

Poor Battery

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been well appreciated by its users, but there is a small problem related to the battery of the device. The specific problem with the battery has been noticed with the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones that run on the company’s homegrown processor, the Exynos 9810, according to a recent test conducted by Technique Analytics, a trade-analyzing agency.

Samsung has powered most of the devices in the world with its own Exynos 9810 processor chip, whereas the devices offered in the US and in China are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Samsung generally uses the different processors for different markets of the world.

Exynos 9810

This means that all the Samsung Galaxy S9 devices are not the same. The S9 phones that run on the Exynos chip have shown poor battery life, according to reports from the Express UK.

Snapdragon 845 vs. Exynos Chip

Both seem to be quite similar at first look. Both these processors use a similar CPU setup. Samsung’s homegrown Exynos processor makes use of the 4 x 2.7 GHz, Mongoose M3 and the 4 x 1.8 GHz, Cortex A55. On the other hand, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 makes use of the 4 x 2.7 GHz, Kryo 385 Gold and the 4 x 1.7 GHz Kryo, 385 Silver.

As the two are quite similar, there is no reason why there should be any difference in the performance of the two CPUs. In addition, Samsung has always made it a point to equalize the experience for users from all over the world, in spite of the chip differences.

The Crux of the Issue

The battery power of the Galaxy S9 is 3000 mAh, which is the same as its predecessors. But the processor on the Galaxy S9 is speedier and needs a more powerful battery.

It seems that Qualcomm Snapdragon actually offers a more powerful performance to the Galaxy S9 device. As far as the Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S9 are concerned, the battery life seems to be as expected. However, the same cannot be said of the Samsung Galaxy S9 devices powered by Samsung’s own Exynos processors.

The difference in Battery Life

A difference in the battery life has been noted during a test on the two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S9 devices. According to AnandTech, a tech blog, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ that made use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 offered a battery life of 10.48 hours, when used for Wi-Fi browsing. On the other hand, the S9 device powered by Exynos chips showed a battery life of only 6.8 hours for the same type of browsing usage.

However, the flaw in the comparison is that the S9+ battery life has been compared with the battery life of the S9, which is like comparing apples and oranges. Despite a difference in the devices, the conclusion still remains the same that the Snapdragon 845 offers a better battery life as compared to the Exynos 9810 chipset. The test was redone and the results still remained the same, showing a difference of 3 hours in the battery life.

Last Word

So, in a nutshell, if you buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the UK, you could probably receive a device that has poorer battery life than its counterpart bought in the US.

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