Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Google Pixel – How come the Pixel might still be better

The top dog in the smartphone yard at the moment is of course, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest flagship device coming from the Korean tech giant. After ages of waiting for the model to drop, fans have finally been able to pick up a unit and enjoy all the latest high tech features that Samsung has crammed into this little piece of heaven for mobile tech enthusiasts. That being said, let’s not forget who ruled the smartphone empire not long before Samsung showed up: Google Pixel. Yes, there might have been some claims to the throne, but for many the Pixel phone was the best on the market.

While the Galaxy S8 is a tremendous device which has made people praise Samsung for not disappointing even when all was riding on the success of this release, the Pixel is still around. For many, it remains the phone of choice and not because the S8 costs a small fortune. Here are things that would make Pixel be the preferred choice for many.

The fingerprint scanner

Both devices have a fingerprint scanner. Once considered a luxury feature or even a gimmick in some cases, the fingerprint scanner has evolved into being a feature that just can’t go missing from a device if the manufacturers want it to compete for smartphone of the year. It is a must have feature and the two devices in question today surely posses it. However, it’s not just about having one but also where it’s placed. There was a time when the scanner was donned on the face panel right on the Home button. But as phone designs moved away from Home buttons and physical buttons completely, so too did the fingerprint scanner have to find a new home on the back panel.

Here is where the Pixel handset manages to outdo the S8. Its fingerprint scanner is big and round and it’s right on the middle of the back panel which makes it very easy to find without looking and easy to handle. The S8 scanner is a lot smaller and has the uncomfortable shape of a rounded rectangle. It’s place near the camera in a position that is a lot harder to reach and works tremendously in the detriment of the phone’s design.

The operating system

Yes, both phones come with Google’s Android. However, it is well known that the Pixel line is the descendant of the Nexus series of phones meaning that they get the latest OS updates first. On top of that, it’s the only pure Android experience you can get. A pure Android OS is far less susceptible to crashes and it is the most refined and, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing form of Android available. This just can’t be obtained on the Samsung skin enhanced version of the S8’s OS. Despite its flashy tricks the S8 cannot rival the Google Pixel when it comes to its operating system, which is a crucial component of the package.

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