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Samsung Galaxy S8 problem has the potential to turn into a Note-like fiasco

Although Samsung was probably hoping for a spotless release of their newest flagship device, the Galaxy S8, it would seem that the Korean tech giant was not able to fully capture the splendor of Samsung’s earlier successes like the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S7. After the launch of the newest flagship, reports of problems with the handset started appearing on the internet.

Recently, a problem has been found with the S8 that cause unpleased customers to seek help on the XDA Developers forums. It looks like the problem isn’t something specific to the Galaxy S8 though, as owners of the Galaxy S8 Plus are experiencing the same issue. The problem in question is that the new Samsung phones are restarting by themselves, which obviously isn’t a tolerable offense especially considering how much one of these units cost.

Iffy solution

Samsung’s customer forums have pretty much ignited with angry S8 users which were experiencing the problem. Many of them replied to the original post and claimed that they were in the same boat. Some users came in with a solution that they claim worked, more specifically removing the SD card from the device. For some, it would seem that removing the SD card from the device stops the restarts. This can be something to consider for those that are in the same situation as one user which reported their device restarted on its own 7 times in less than half a day. The efficiency of this fix has rapidly sunk however since there have also been reports from users without SD cards which claimed they had the same problem.

Not normal

If a brand new device that’s freshly removed from its packaging restarts once or twice, there shouldn’t be any reason for panic because it might be updating newly downloaded patches or fixes which weren’t available at the time when the unit was being prepared and shipped. However, if the device restarts 7 times, there is more than likely something wrong with it and the owner should get it checked immediately.

Samsung is expected to address this issue as soon as possible so that the company can avoid any Galaxy Note-like scenario where everything got thrown out the window because of a problem that couldn’t be contained.

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