Samsung Galaxy S8 Possible Prototype Discovered

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 model may be seeing some minor problems today, it is still one of the best products that are hitting the market this year. The tech giant has done an amazing job recovering after the fiasco that happened with the Galaxy Note 7, but people are still wary of the flagship duo in order to detect any overheating or other issues.

Wishful Thinking or a Possible Prototype?

Many people were rather disappointed that Samsung did not adopt the new trend of having dual cameras. However, a new prototype came to light recently, and it seems that Samsung has or is been pondering on this possibility. It is safe to assume that Samsung did think about it before, but most likely they decided not to go with this flow.

In fact, many rumors claimed that the device would come with such a setup, but as you can see, it didn’t. People have been waiting for the Note 8 to feature it first, since it’s already a tradition for Samsung to bring up the new stuff first on the Note devices and then on the S series.

Interesting Images

All in all, there’s been some interesting images that were leaked recently. The photos appeared on Weibo, which might be a clue that the prototype with a dual camera setup may exist somewhere in China. The interesting thing about the prototype though is the fact that it doesn’t come together with a fingerprint sensor on the back.

We don’t really know who is the author of the image leak, or even if they are real and not a manipulation. But either way, the possibility of having this device with a dual camera setup seems more and more appealing. One can only hope to see that in reality as soon as possible!

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