Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Available with June Security Patch

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Available with June Security Patch

In today’s day and age, keeping your devices and accounts safe is very important, but also becoming very hard to achieve. This is because hackers and other malicious third parties are getting sneaky with their tactics, and even the most reliable services or devices fall prey to malware and virus attacks. However, most tech companies always try their best to keep this from happening.

Samsung is one of these dedicated companies that always have their users’ safety as a top priority. This is why two of their devices are getting June security patches in order to boost up safety levels. Keep reading to find out what devices are getting the royal security treatment this month, as well as what that actually presupposes.

New June 2017 Security Patch Rolls Out from Samsung

The two lucky devices are two smartphones from Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Naturally, this new update won’t bring about any actual new features, but will rather work on improving the two devices’ stability and security, which will in its turn improve overall user experience. The update will roll out on its own soon enough, but you can also check for it manually in your Samsung Galaxy S7’s or your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s settings menu.

For the Samsung Galaxy S7 handset the update comes under build number G930W8VLS2BQF1, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be updated to build number G935W8VLS2BQF1. When the update requests permission to be installed make sure you have at least half of your battery remaining, as to prevent the handset from shutting down midway. This can lead to some more serious issues, so it’s best to avoid them. Other than that, there are no other issues at hand now.

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