Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review

Samsung has launched several sets of Galaxy S4. In the Samsung Galaxy S4 family, Galaxy S4 was the first handset, and then the Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy S4 mini came into the market with their excellent features. Now Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is the latest from the Galaxy S4 family. This Android smartphone is waterproof and came up with a quad-core processor and full HD screen. If you are looking for a smartphone with excellent features, then Samsung Galaxy, S4 Active is the phone for you.



Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveSamsung Galaxy S4 Active is a long-lasting phone because of its shape and size. To make it more durable the phone has been designed in such a way that it is a little bit thicker compare to the previous handset of Galaxy S4 but look stylish. The thickness is 9.1 mm, which is 7. 9mm in previous Galaxy S4 and weight is 173g that is 20g heavier than Galaxy S4. The construction is almost similar to S4 except for few changes. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone has a removable battery cover made of plastic, but it light and fragile. Each end of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is covered with rubber, which saves the phone from any scratches.

The important part of the S4 Active is it’s textured. The rear cover of the phone has an interesting finishing with metallic honeycomb that makes the look of the phone tougher, but it’s just soft and smooth plastic. The name of the phone says that it will survive knocks and bumps but actually the durability is same as other smartphones. Rather Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has a Gorilla Glass 2 screen layer but in S4, the screen is Gorilla Glass 3, which is stronger compared to Gorilla Glass 2. And also the top and bottom edges are made of rubber but in reality, they are not actual rubber.

Screen Quality and Performance

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active comes with a 5-inch screen with 1080 resolutions. The screen is for LCD whereas Galaxy S4 has an AMOLED screen. But in the LCD screen, top brightness is more than Galaxy S4 and other color are less rich compare to S4.

The phone is powered by a 1.9GHz processor and 2 GB RAM. So enjoy the speed while gaming or accessing apps. The OS is 4.2 android and has 16GB internal storage.


Water Resistance

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is certified to IP67 that means the phone has resistivity power in water and dust. S4 Active works under water and does not let the dust in inside the phone. No magic is involved here. There are two rubber seals in the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and the rubber seals provide dust and water resistance. One rubber seal is placed over the battery cover and creates a barrier between the outside world and the important elements in the phone such as a battery, SIM slot, and other electrical points. The other rubber seal is placed at the bottom edge of the plastic flaps to protect the micro USB port.


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