Samsung Galaxy S21/21+ Can’t Make or Receive Calls – Ways to fix it

When speaking about the best phones on the market at any point, one of Samsung’s models must be on the list. The S Series never disappoints as it features phones with great design, top-notch options, and powerful batteries. With all of that, users may think the phone can’t experience any issue, but that’s far from the truth. Even the top-quality phones can misbehave, including S21/21+. Here, we will talk about the situation when Samsung Galaxy S21/21+ can’t make or receive calls. While it sounds complicated to fix, it usually doesn’t take too much time or effort. The potential solutions are listed below.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S21/21+ That Can’t Make or Receive Calls

When your S21/21+ can’t make or receive calls, try contacting your carrier first to make sure your account is in good standing. Also, ask if there are any issues with the network or network maintenance that could be causing problems.  If all is good, try the following:

  • Is the Airplane mode enabled? – When this mode is turned on, you can’t make or receive calls, use mobile data or Wi-Fi because all of it will be disabled. Head over to Settings and make sure this option is turned off.
  • Restart your phone – The simplest thing can often be the most effective, and when it comes to smartphones, it’s a restart. Many issues disappear after the reboot because it refreshes the memory and closes the apps and processes that could misbehave and cause issues. So, restart your phone and try making calls after it turns back on.
  • SIM card – Use the pin and eject the card. Make sure the card is not damaged. Perhaps it moved or was not correctly placed. Place it correctly and put it back into the phone. If the card is damaged, you will have to contact your carrier and get a replacement.
  • Reset network settings – If you tried the above options, but the situation is the same, reset the network settings. You will have to make adjustments later, but it is a must-try solution when you can’t make calls or receive them. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Tap Reset.
  • Reset settings – If the previous reset option didn’t make any changes, you could reset all settings on your device. To do that, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Settings. Finally, tap Reset to confirm.
  • Factory data reset – The last on the list is the factory reset because it is the most complex solution. When something is not working on your device, and nothing seems to fix it, the factory data reset probably will. It will first erase everything on your device, and when the process is over, you will set up your phone as new. Make sure to create a backup. When you are done, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset and tap Reset. When the Reset is completed, follow the steps on the screen to quickly set up your device.

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