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Samsung Galaxy S20 will be the Moniker for the Next S Series Flagship?

Galaxy S20

You might recall Apple skipping iPhone 9 and calling the next edition as the iPhone X to mark its 10th anniversary. Samsung Electronics may, if rumors are to be believed, call the next set of flagship smartphones to be released in early 2020 like Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20e. The company had unveiled a naming pattern last year in the Galaxy A series, A10 to A90. At that time, there were some who suggested that this may be carried to the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series phones as well. If you go by that logic, the Galaxy S10 will be followed by the Galaxy S20. It eventually marks the beginning of a new decade and calling the device Samsung Galaxy S20 may sound attractive in the marketplace.

These are Unconfirmed Yet

Before you conclude that this is an official intimation, it must be pointed out that this change in the name of the model from Galaxy S11 to Galaxy S20 has appeared in a tweet by Ice Universe. This Twitter handle has been frequently used to predict a lot of developments, particularly with respect to Samsung devices. Many of the inputs have been found to come true later. Based on them, you can assume there is a possibility here. In addition, another Twitter handle @MMDDJ_ has also hinted that the next flagship from Samsung being called the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The overall market expectation is also running high on the specifications and features of the new Samsung phones to be launched in February 2020. The camera section with the 108MP primary shooter and the main display screen having a high refresh rate has already been spoken about.

Other Samsung News

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Ice Universe has also carried a live photo of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in another tweet. This shows the clamshell design for a vertical folding mechanism, which seems to offer a better solution that the hinge found in the first edition. One of the two issues reported when the company first released the foldable phone was the hinge and the company had to replace it. With reference to the foldable phone too, there is a great expectation that Samsung will leave no stone unturned to ensure that a superior product reaches the users. It is also possible some of these devices may feature in the MWC2020 in February 2020.

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