Samsung Galaxy S20: Triple Cameras Can Click All at Once; New Leaks Claim

Samsung Galaxy S20: Triple Cameras Can Click All at Once; New Leaks Claim

Even as the date for the launch of the next set of flagships in Galaxy S series by Samsung nears, there’s no stopping the rumors on some feature or the other of the phones. The latest speculation is about the rear camera function on the Samsung Galaxy S20 series of devices. It is claimed that as an improvement over the predecessor models, the triple cameras can shoot three photos simultaneously on a single click. It will then be left to the user to choose which photo among the three clicked he or she would want to use.

Improvements Over Previous Iterations

Most smartphone manufacturers would have a dedicated team working on making improvements to the various functions in their models. One way adopted is to increase the capacity, such as larger or a greater number of cameras or a larger battery. The manufacturer has also worked on improving the software support so that the components can offer better user experience and so on. The unique QuickTake feature now being claimed on the Galaxy S20 series phones to be launched on February 11 is also a development through software support. There is even the possibility Samsung could add this feature to its last set of the Galaxy Note series flagships, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the other models launched with it. If feasible, the Quick Take feature may even get added to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series too.

There is another feature called Single Take Photo. In this feature, the cameras will capture both photos and videos of the area through which the camera is panned. The user then can go through the snaps and the video clips and can choose the best ones to use. There are improvements brought in the Live Focus mode too.

Samsung Galaxy S20

In the absence of the QuickTake feature, the user would have to keep altering the camera mode from wide-angle to the regular and vice-versa.

Render Leaked Showing Camera Bumps

There is another leaker render that shows three phones placed one adjacent to the other in the upside-down position. This is meant to give an idea of the camera bumps and how the size of the bump keeps increasing as you view from left to right. As it is done with all such leaks, a word of caution is always added saying these are just leaks and need not be confirmed information.

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