Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones Rumored to have Fluid 120Hz OLED Displays 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones Rumored to have Fluid 120Hz OLED Displays 

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled next month and with just weeks to go, an interesting rumor has emerged stating that all the three Galaxy S20 series phones will feature 120Hz OLED displays.

For those of you are who are completely new to this scene, the 120Hz denotes the refresh rate of the display and it is commonly found in professional gaming desktop monitors. OnePlus 7 Pro was the most popular device in recent times that brought this to the scene, much to the delight of mobile gamers. With this update, users will be able to witness significant improvement in the fluidity of their displays and the phone will seem as if it is running much faster because of the increased refresh rate.

When the Exynos 990-series next-generation processor was announced by Samsung, the possibility of a 120Hz display on the new flagship phones was rumored. The idea got further strengthened when a hidden feature in One UI 2.0 beta version had the content.

Samsung Aficionados Confirm the Rumor

According to a post by Sammobile, a source that is dedicated to covering all things Samsung, the new phones are confirmed to be Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11 because the brand wants to make a jump for no obvious reason. Based on their strong and reliable sources, they have confirmed that all the three phones that will be launched in 2020 will have 120Hz refresh rate displays.

Samsung galaxy s20 lancering

Samsung is not a newbie to the world of high refresh rate displays because they are already the top supplier and have delivered similar displays to different mobile brands around the globe. Besides, the Galaxy S20 had some kind of closed event where users had the option to switch between 60Hz and 120Hz. The difference is strikingly obvious especially in gaming but you can also experience the smoothness of app transitions as well as the overall response time.

The only catch is that if you have your phone always left on the highest refresh rate, it may have a small dip in battery life but the option to switch between different modes will allow users to pick the one based on their usage scenario.

Most fans who love the One UI 2.0 and those who wish for a change from the iPhone ecosystem will definitely appreciate if Samsung brings 120Hz displays to their Galaxy S20 series of phones. The event is set to take place in February 2020.



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