Samsung Galaxy S11e Battery Could Have 4,000mAh Capacity

Among the many rumors that keep surfacing on the next Samsung Galaxy S series flagship smartphones, new information has been revealed about the battery of the Galaxy S11e. This information has been taken from the website of the South Korean testing authority, Korea Institute of Chemical Convergence Testing (KTR). The certification issued on November 6 only has a code number for the battery submitted for testing. Based on the number and the information available on the internal code for the Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphones it is now suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S11e, the smallest phone in the lineup will have a 4,000mAh battery.

Codes Matched to Arrive at the Conclusion

Experts concluding that this battery sighted on the KTR site is meant for the Samsung Galaxy S11 have tried matching some of the codes already in circulation. The product code appearing on the certification site is EB-BG980ABY. The deduction being made is that the battery will be fitted in the model bearing the code G980 or SM-G980. Now, it is known that the Samsung Galaxy S10e was identified by the code SM-970. It is therefore logical that the successor model should be coded SM-980. Based on this deduction, it is being confirmed in a way that this EB-BG980ABYbattery should be powering the Samsung Galaxy S11e.

Another Set of Calculations to Assume the Battery Should be 4,000mAh

Though the certification sheet is quite clear, there is an image of the battery alongside which is not so sharp. However, from whatever could be seen and read, it seems the battery is rated 14.36Wh and a standard voltage of 3.85Volts. This reflects a battery of capacity of roughly 3730 mAh, which is the rated capacity. Now, you have a complete picture of why it can be confirmed that the typical capacity of the battery of Samsung Galaxy S11e will be 4,000mAh. Tipster Ice Universe has also tweeted this.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has a 3,100mAh battery. This would mean Samsung is giving a 20% bump on the battery in the Galaxy S11e. There are two guesses on why this increased size of the battery is needed.

One says if the new Samsung devices are to be released as 5G phones, then the battery power has to be commensurate with it. The other is that the screen refresh rates are being talked about in the range of 120Hz. If this is indeed true, then the company is quite justified in fitting a large battery. The only assumption here is that Samsung will bring in these two features to the smallest phone in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S11e.

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