Samsung Galaxy S11 to Sport a Motion Sensor Feature Like the Pixel 4?

Galaxy S11

When Google Pixel 4 launched with its Project Soli radar chip that can sense motions and make changes, it was considered a unique feature not seen earlier. This has also meant the phone is not being sold in some countries due to restrictions on the radar chip use. Now Samsung has filed for trademark registration for what it calls ‘Dynamic Vision Sensor’ or DVS. The description in the filing includes terms like “motion detection; motion detection sensors; object detection sensors; camera image sensors for smartphones and tablets”. Samsung has filed this trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Samsung Isocell Motion

Normal Image Sensor and Not a Radar Chip

While Google has used a radar chip that it had developed inhouse after working on it for 4 years, the South Korean giant may use a regular sensor. The name given to it is the ISOCELL-Motion. The 64MP cameras that many smartphone brands have fitted on their devices, is also called the ISOCELL. In this case, it could be an image sensor and there is every likelihood that this feature will be seen on the Samsung Galaxy S11 series smartphones to be released in the next year.

Camera Setup in the Samsung Galaxy S11 Already a Talking Point

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S series flagships maybe around 3 months away but there is an abundance of rumors on what to expect from the optics section of this new phone. There is a suggestion that the Galaxy S11 will have an under-display camera eliminating the hole or notch on the display screen. The other speculation is that the company has developed a unique 5x periscopic lens. This will allow a much-improved photography experience. The number of cameras to be fitted in the rear may also be more than the ones we have seen from Samsung so far. It must be conceded that these are rumors and there has been no official confirmation from the company. Samsung has a large internal component manufacturing capability. Leaks from these are not easy to come by.

We await more news on this motion sensor feature from Samsung and a confirmation if it is indeed to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S11 models.

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