Samsung Galaxy S11 to feature a 108 MP Camera with 5X Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S11 to feature a 108 MP Camera with 5X Zoom

A recent report has revealed that Samsung will be launching its next flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S11 with a massive camera of 108 MP. Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy S10 model. Users are already waiting for the next phones in this line and rumors are flying about its specifications.  Sources have revealed that the new Galaxy S11 is expected to feature an optical zoom of 5x. This is sure to excite a lot of users as optical zoom is definitely better than the commonly used digital zoom in terms of image quality.

Samsung Galaxy S11 camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 features a quad camera setup with a telephoto lens, an ultra-wide lens and a time of flight sensor (ToF) along with the main camera. The ToF sensor is used to give better depth perception to the images. It is expected that the new smartphone will also follow along in the lines of its predecessor. The primary camera in the quad-camera setup is expected to have a massive 108 MP lens. This will indeed be a huge change from the usual lens used. The technology used within the phone is also expected to get a facelift compared to its predecessor.

The phone is expected to feature in an optical zoom for the first time. The hardware components for optical zoom generally tend to require a lot more space than those for digital zoom. Hence, smartphone makers in a bid to make thinner smartphones tend to avoid using optical zoom. Samsung has come up with an innovative solution to solve this issue. It is going to use a periscopic design wherein the lenses will be placed side by side. The phone will use mirrors to reflect the light from the lens to the sensor. This will drastically reduce the amount of space occupied by the setup.

A video has been revealed, which reveals the working of the periscope style lens. Optical zoom tends to require longer distances than the normal digital zoom. When an object is zoomed using digital zoom, the object will be cropped whereas this does not occur while using optical zoom. The video shows the light traveling through the mirrors and hitting the lens. Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to be a flagship phone for the company since a large number of changes are being expected.  Users are eagerly waiting for any new announcement from the company regarding this new phone.

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