Samsung Galaxy S11: Rumors Suggest a Punch Hole Design Camera

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to be launched next year. Though it is early to know the exact specifications, there has been a lot of leaked news regarding the technical specs to be featured in the S11 model. Samsung has used a punch hole camera design for its S10 variant. It is said that the S11 will also feature a punch hole camera. The size of the hole is expected to be reduced to bring in more screen to display ratio.

Punch Hole Design

Samsung is currently working on an infinity display. It is unclear whether this will be ready in time for the launch of Galaxy S11. It is most probable that the company will use the punch hole design for this model and try to launch the infinity display for other later products. The company will need to do a lot of testing before launching the infinity display which may take up a significant amount of time. It was revealed in a tweet earlier that the Galaxy S11 has been codenamed Picasso within the internal R&D team. The company seems to have taken a fancy to the names of famous painters and artists. The current model of Galaxy S10 was codenamed DaVinci.

5nm Process Technology

Samsung has just finished the development of 5nm FinFET process technology.  This is a EUV lithography technology and provides a lot of features as compared to its 7nm process. A 10% increase in the processing speed can be obtained with this new process along with a reduction of battery consumption by around 20%. This is indeed a significant achievement. These chipsets are currently being manufactured in their Korean unit and are said to be available for commercial use by 2020. It is expected that this will be featured in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 model.

64MP Sensors

Samsung had recently launched 2 new sensors namely a 64-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and a 48-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GM2. The 64 MP sensor provides the best resolution in any lens launched so far. It makes use of a tetra cell technology which makes it easier to capture sharp images even in the absence of much light. Samsung Galaxy S11 will feature this 64 MP camera in its models. Users will most likely be able to see a new color variant in this model. A red color mode called Cardinal Red will probably be launched along with the existing colors of white, blue, black, green, and pink.

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