The Samsung Galaxy S11 : Latest Rumors , Leaks and Camera Updates

The Samsung Galaxy S11 : Latest Rumors , Leaks and Camera Updates

With Samsung’s Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus already in stores, the pomp and show surrounding their release is in full glory. However, early rumors have already started for the probable Galaxy S11 or whatever the company chooses to call it.

It is rumored that the future Galaxy S11 will be equipped with a new “large size large pixel CMOS sensor.” Not long ago, Samsung had acquired more than 150-patented Israeli company Corephotonics related to the zoom of mobile phone camera lenses.

Peers saw this action as a sign that Samsung would use multi-fold or optical zoom on the flagship.

Leaked internet sources claim that the Galaxy Note 10 will be Samsung’s last “last 1/2.55-inch 1.4um CMOS flagship phone,” which Samsung has been using for four years. The leak also alleged the Galaxy S11 would get a new “large-size large-pixel CMOS.”

Speculated Specifications of Galaxy S11

Mobile World Congress is a perfect barometer of when Samsung is ready to expose a new phone, even if that does not happen at the show itself. Mobile World Congress 2020 will likely take place in the last week of February, so the countdown is set for the first half of 2020.

Samsung’s display engineering muscle certainly suggests an edge-to-edge, pretty much bezel-free screen that can slot the front-facing camera behind the display panel without the need for a notch or motorized slide-out camera. However, the real question is whether we can expect to see such an innovation debut with the Galaxy S11. It is too early to arrive at any conclusion now, we will have to wait and watch.

Qualcomm discussed the future of its 5G chips at a recent event. Continuing the legacy, the company plans to integrate the actual 5G modem with its mobile processor.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said that the technology will make its way to devices next year. Samsung has already committed itself to use the chip in its flagship models.

The new combined chip would be more power-efficient, which would let phones like the Galaxy S11’s battery last longer. Since there will only be one chip inside the smartphone, it would give Samsung an opportunity to streamline the smartphone’s design and perhaps make it less stocky.

Online sources have revealed that Samsung has decided to go with USB-C exclusively in the Galaxy S11. This is an indication that the company will discard the headphone jack and allow you to use wireless earbuds or a dongle in the box that will let you plug in 3.5mm headphones. There are stronger chances of Samsung doing away with its numbered branding, so a new name can be expected to pop-out in the near future.



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