Samsung Galaxy S10X 5G Phone to get Charger Boost to 25W; Battery Could be Less Than 4500mAh

Galaxy S10X 25W charge

Samsung Electronics, South Korea is likely to release its first ever 5G enabled phone in the next few weeks. It now emerges that Samsung may take the step of issuing a battery charger that is rated at 25 W up from the highest level it has gone so far, 15 W. The information has filtered from some industry sources, not necessarily from within Samsung. Incidentally, the other LTE models that will be released on February 20 are expected to have only a 15 W charger.

Larger Sized Battery Predicted

There are no two opinions among the experts that with the more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and the RAM likely to be 10 or 12 GB, the battery itself has to be more powerful to withstand the load. The possibility points to a 4500 mAh or even 5000 mAh battery to be included for the 5G phone, which may be called the Samsung Galaxy S10X (5G) or something on those lines. The moment you add such a powerful battery, if the 15 W charger is continued, it may take a much longer time to get charged. This is not a very desirable situation for Samsung. Going by the profile of people who may buy a $1500+ smartphone, it is essential that the charging time for the smartphone’s battery is brought down considerably. This is being adduced as the reason for the enhanced 25 W charger for the 5G phone being predicted.

Samsung 5G smartphone

Battery to Play an Important Role

There are reports that Samsung had, in the past, acknowledged that when it comes to the 5G smartphone, there is the need to ensure the battery performance is in conformity with the increased requirements, including the high data speeds the device is expected to handle. They had even indicated that certain performance optimization tools/algorithms may be included in the smartphone to take care of this.

As time passes by there is an increasing expectation on Samsung’s 5G smartphone. It has not been made very clear when exactly the device will be made public. It could be the February 20 event or the MWC or an entirely separate event to make the announcement. It is even feasible the company may just make the announcement at either of these events and the physical release of the phone later. These are details still awaited. But Verizon had been part of that Qualcomm event in Hawaii where the 5G processor was revealed and it has promised to roll out the 5G service in May 2019.

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