Samsung Galaxy S10: Special Edition 5G Phone May Sport 12GB RAM and 1TB Storage

Samsung Galaxy S10: Samsung will have its way after all with its plans to make the 10th Anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy series a big bang event. The special edition phone to be launched this coming February will be the first smartphone from Samsung capable of delivering 5G service commercially. But it does not stop with that; the phone will sport a huge phablet-like 6.7-inch display. What is more interesting, the internal storage could be a whopping 1TB if you went by some of the rumors circulating online.

All of 12 GB RAM; Processor Still Not Certain

Apart from the big display and the huge storage, the RAM is likely to be 12 GB. This was again rumored sometime back when the details emerged from a certification site. But it is now more or less confirmed that Samsung will go along with a special edition Galaxy S10 which the company may even call the SX, much like the iPhone X and as already reported by Technobezz, the display screen will have a smooth full screen with no notch or hole and the front camera will be embedded under the screen. The only other possibility is the front camera could be a popup, but that is still to be confirmed beyond doubt. That raises the other question on the processor. It has been reported that while Samsung will stick with its Exynos 9280 SoC for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 Lite. The 5G phone will most probably come with a Qualcomm processor.


Cost Factor Might be the Decider

The question a lot of people would be asking is if Samsung is ready with this ‘no notch’ technology, why wouldn’t the other Galaxy S10 phones have the same design. The answer could lie with the cost of production and pricing of the parts. Those in the know point out that this new technology doesn’t come cheap and Samsung could have decided that pricing its regular phones in the Galaxy S series phones might prove to be counter-productive. The better option would be to introduce it with the special edition phone and price it higher. Between now and the release date, the company might not be left with enough time to change the design and manufacture the millions of pieces of the three S10 variants with the full-screen display with the camera removed. This could be another reason for this decision.

The last word has not been possibly said on this issue yet.

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