Samsung Galaxy S10: You Can Instruct Bixby to Invest in a Stock

Samsung Galaxy S10: You Can Instruct Bixby to Invest in a Stock

Samsung Galaxy S10: Among the different speculations surrounding the next flagship from the South Korean giant Samsung, the Galaxy S10 is that the digital voice assistant Bixby loaded on it would be quite an advanced version. According to this report coming out of South Korea, Samsung is working on bringing in a number of improvements in the voice-based digital assistant before pre-loading it on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Bixby Yet to Gain the Same Level of Popularity as its Competitors

While one is quite familiar with the multiple tasks that voice-based digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and even Alexa can do, Bixby has had some difficulty establishing itself among the users, at least in the developed markets like the US. The major issue was Bixby’s ability to follow the English language as spoken by the Americans. It is possibly good at responding to typed commands but then the very idea of a voice-based assistant is to make it easier for men and women don’t have to interrupt what they are doing to give commands but to just shout them out and the assistant takes care of the rest. Hopefully, Samsung has been able to work around this issue over the months and one can see a perfect Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S10, come next February.

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Bixby Would be Made a Financial Advisor

The most interesting thing to emerge from these latest reports is that Bixby can be used to get financial results of companies and even asked to go ahead and buy some stocks. Any capability of this nature is not easy to build in a pre-loaded software and Samsung could flaunt this as a unique feature in its new phone which Apple and Google have not been able to build in their digital assistants.

The most challenging part of this new feature would be to allow access to Bixby to the dedicated accounts the user may be operating for making financial investments and these are extremely personal and private details and tight security needs to be ensured so that there is no leakage of information like banking passwords etc.

As of now, the expectation is that either the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the foldable phone to be released immediately after that may have this feature available in them or will be added after launch depending on when Samsung gets ready with this facility.



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