Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t be the Company’s First 5G Device

Samsung Electronics has confirmed the fact that its first 5G device won’t be represented by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

What happened?

There were many rumors going around the internet that spoke about Samsung Galaxy S10 and how it will be the first to come with the 5G feature. However, the company’s President and CEO, D. J. Koh, stated that the smartphone manufacturer still has one goal in mind, that of applying themselves on further developing and innovating their devices, so that they will be accepted by users.

The company still doesn’t intend on losing the world’s first title, according to Mr. Koh. ZDNet reported earlier this week that Samsung has reiterated their wish to become the world’s first smartphone seller that will launch a foldable device. In the same report we see again how the Galaxy S10 won’t be the first 5G model; instead, we can expect this to happen with a separate model.

Will it be one and the same?

Although we appreciate the fact that Mr. Koh has shared this news with us, we still don’t know that this ‘separate model’ will be the highly expected foldable smartphone. Samsung could go in either direction with this one, so probably even they don’t have a clear picture of what will happen in the future.

Mr. Koh had another interesting remark, saying that Samsung wouldn’t have gone through all this work on the current project to make it only once. This means that we can expect these phones to keep coming if they are successful.

Other rumors

Besides the voices that spoke about the Galaxy S10, you probably heard rumors stating that Samsung will club the launch of their next Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models at the same time. However, according to Koh, that won’t happen very soon.

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