Samsung Galaxy S10: Will the Infinity O Display Make it?

Samsung Galaxy S10: Will the Infinity O Display Make it?

Samsung Galaxy S10: Ever since Apple launched its iPhone X with that ‘notch’ on top of the display to increase to display space, it has remained the subject of discussion whenever the smartphone designs are the topic. Samsung, which never loses an opportunity to demonstrate that whatever Apple does, it can do better than that, may introduce a new concept of a full-screen display by leaving just a round dot to accommodate the front camera lens. Every other millimeter space on the display screen is available to the user to view a favorite video or for playing a game.

Four Infinity View Designs Unveiled by Samsung

Samsung used its developers’ conference in San Francisco on November 7 to show the audience four different designs of the Infinity View display that it has developed under the OLED display screens range. These were designated by the company as U, V, O and New Infinity, in that order. The first 2, U and V had the familiar notch but in different shapes. The third, Infinity O was something that attracted attention since it featured a hole on the screen without using the bezel, which in any case is as good as not there. The front camera could be embedded inside the hole and the rest of the screen can be fully used as the display space, including the space between the hole and the edge.

The last one, New Infinity was the one that did not have any notch or a hole. For good measure, there is an anonymous video being circulated online claiming to be of a 3D version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and with the hole on the front screen. Obviously, as of now, no one knows which among these might be the display screen design chosen for the Samsung S10, likely to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

Rumors on the Headphone Jack Being Removed

Another issue on which there have been conflicting reports emerging from sources that appear to know a thing or two is with regard to the 3.5mm audio-out headphone jack. Some people say Samsung has plans to remove the jack while there are others who do not bet on such a decision being made by the South Korean major. The jury is still out on what the average customers want from the smartphones they buy and use. If one went by many online posts, a lot of people are not comfortable using Bluetooth and would like to stick to the headsets or earplugs to listen to their favorite music or during voice calls. Samsung has not committed either way what it plans to do.

Three Variants Likely

Those sharing the rumors about the next flagships from Samsung claim the company may settle for 3 variants of the new device, the Samsung Galaxy S10, the S10+ and perhaps a watered-down version with a few of the top features left out and priced lower, to capture that segment of the market.

There are speculations on the processor, which is believed will greatly reduce the power drawn from the battery, resulting in longer hours of usage on a single charge. And in the camera section too, there can be some very new features not seen before, but one will have to wait to know more on these.

Whether these rumors turn out to be true or not, there is palpable excitement over the next lot of Samsung smartphones and you can get to read about them here first, for sure.




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