Samsung Galaxy S10 will Feature Improved AI and New Photo Mode

With most flagship devices already unveiled, Samsung will face some tough competition when it will launch its own flagship device next year.

According to the latest rumours, Samsung will add a dedicated artificial intelligence NPU to the Galaxy S 10. The neural processing unit may be added to the Exynos version of the device as Samsung is hard at work developing its own version. The idea is not new as Huawei has already featured a similar NPU. Huawei was the first to introduce the technology on its Kirin  970 SoC and it plans to include a double NPU unit on the Kirin 980. Apple has also embraced the technology, adding it to the latest iteration of CPUs, namely the A12 Bionic chip. Its 8-core neural interface is Apple to do millions of operations per second.

A dedicated NPU is a huge boost as it can add a significant boost to a chip, allowing the existence of advanced capabilities like face recognition and smarter voice assistant support.

We do not know what the NPU will be able to deliver in a practical matter, but one possibility is an improved photo mode, similar to the Smart HDR option offered.

The expectations are high as Samsung has also worked hard to make Bixby more popular among its user but that didn’t work as well as they expected. In a world well privacy issues are becoming common, it is understandable that some users are not as willing to embrace voice assistants, even if they offer incredible options.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Secretive

The security if the Samsung Galaxy S10 remains a hot topic as Samsung has remained secretive when it comes to the security options offered by the new device. It is thought that they are working on an improved face recognition interface that should be more accurate. The one offered by the S9 was good, but it suffered from some drawbacks that could have been fixed.

Some believe that Samsung will certainly improve its fingerprint scanner. Select sources claim that the mobile manufacturer may opt for an in-display scanner in order to maximize the screen space available. An optical sensor may be a solution, but the 2D scanning may make it vulnerable to some attackers. A 3D sensor is a viable choice and they may opt to include the latest ultra-sound sensor offered by Qualcomm.

An ultrasound sensor will be able to construct an accurate model of the fingerprint and only the most complex methods would work on it. This would certainly boost the security level of the device, especially now when Apple dropped TouchID and is looking for an alternative.

The flagship is also rumored to sport some serious hardware improvements, starting with increased built-in memory. A 512GB may be a big hit among users as the S9 Note proved, even if the price may be a bit higher. A triple camera is may also make an appearance, and the improved AI abilities may usher in new modes that will help you take that sweet money shot.

The new iPhone XS series has been quite a hit among users even if the prices are higher so Samsung has nothing to fear if it ups the prices. The main concern is to deliver something that is worth the asking price instead of seeming greedy. But the improvements s promised by the company seem to be more than enough to stir some feelings as fans eagerly await the new device.

If Samsung sticks to its old habits we may get an official to unveil in January or at latest in February 2019. It remains to be seen if the device will be able to convince the users that it is a worthy upgrade.




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