Samsung Galaxy S10 will be Notch-Less and Include In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

What we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S10 is that it will be available for purchase in early 2019. In addition to that, some reports that have recently popped up show that the next device from the Galaxy S series will come with more design changes that we have ever hoped for. Based on a new report that had the Galaxy S10 as its main subject, the flagship phone of the year 2019 will come equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor. This detail has been announced before, but now we have proof.

The latest report from SamMobile says that a patent going by the name of “Electronic Device Comprising Biometric Sensor” was published by Samsung. This patent reveals details about the optical fingerprint reader that they will be building for the phone which will be launched next year. Moreover, the patent was, earlier this year, submitted to WIPO.

In addition to all that we have previously mentioned, another detail revealed by the patent application is that the phone will have such a design that its bezels will be even slimmer. Alongside that, the display will also be curved. The leaks that we have heard about before finally make sense, do not they? Besides that, we now know that the optical sensor will also be mounted under the display of the next Galaxy S phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

Another news that was revealed by Galaxy S10’s manufacturer itself, Samsung, is that the phone will not feature a notched display. T3, a UK tech site, spotted a tweet from Samsung Mobile US which explained exactly what the next phones of the Galaxy S series would no longer feature notches.

One funny moment between Google and Samsung happened on Twitter as well, and you will enjoy reading that. Google has announced the new Pixel 3 on Twitter using its @MadeByGoogle account. The reason why they did that was to receive feedback from other users, and they received exactly why they have asked for. Samsung Mobile US answered them by saying “You could land a plane on it” referring to the Pixel 3 XL’s notch design.

According to Forbes, another report claims that Samsung might change the sizes of its Galaxy S series phones as well. The Galaxy S10 Plus which will be revealed in a few months, next year, might measure 6.44 inches and have an aspect ratio of 19:9, as per the Forbes report.

The leaks do not stop here. As Samsung’s phones are considered the most awaited ones every year, leaks are circulating around the internet all the time. Some of them claim that the Galaxy S10 might come with a triple camera set up because Samsung got inspired by Huawei’s phones that feature triple camera setups. Another leak mentions that Samsung might even include an improved 3D face scanner into the next phone from the Galaxy S series.

That would be needed to keep the company going as Apple is improving its Face ID by each year passing. The next leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available in the 8GB of RAM version as well and might be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. However, not all the region will get it like that. Some parts of the world, such as India, will get the phones equipped with an Exynos 9820 processor. What is even nicer is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 might also use Artificial Intelligence to make your battery last longer.

We will all see what leaks are accurate when the phone gets released.

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