Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. the new iPhones – Rumors are Flying Through

Galaxy Note 9 is about to be launched in a few weeks, and until then we are going to find out more about the next flagship phone, Galaxy S10 through rumors. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, said to Business Insider on Sunday that S10 will be available in three different sizes: 6.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 5.8 inches. He also expects the new series of Apple’s iPhone to come in about the same dimensions which will create a one-for-one match between Apple and Samsung.

The analyst states that an in-display fingerprint sensor will be included in the two larger models of S10 contrary to the smaller one which will have the sensor placed on the side. This is a proof that the smaller model will be an entry-level one with not the same high-end features and specs like the bigger ones.

To accurately inform us of new leaks, Kuo uses his supply chain sources, and it earned him a reputation. However, he was not the first to predict the in-display fingerprint sensor which he thinks will differentiate S10 from the iPhone (it relies on face scanning).

Other recent rumors assume that Samsung Galaxy S10 will future five cameras which will add a lens in the front for capturing portrait effects and a wide angle option to the back.

Another prediction of Kuo’s is that the debut of Apple’s flagship phone will come in a variety of sizes for this year and they will also offer several spec options and prices. He thinks there will be little to no difference regarding Apple’s new iPhone’s design and they will look mostly like iPhone X. What makes he believe that is their notch cutout at the top which enables Face ID sensors and an almost fullscreen display. What Ming-Chi Kuo proves with that is Samsung’s difficulty to standout from Apple even though its iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 from the current generation look somehow just like iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 from 2014. It is speculated there will be an announcement about the next iPhones in September.

To sum up, Galaxy S10 is light-years away from being launched because Samsung got us used to introduce its line in late February. However, the South Korean company does not let us despair, and it will soon have news as there will be an event on the 9th of August to introduce Note 9 and its not significant changes.

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