Samsung Galaxy S10 Update – All The Rumors and News In One Place

Samsung Galaxy S10 Update – All The Rumors and News In One Place

Samsung just recently unveiled its Samsung S9 and S9 Plus phones but sales do not look to be as promising as expected for the South Korean company. A number of reports claim that the first-month sales of the S9 were well below the expected quota. Now what is the reason for this and how can Samsung take the mobile industry by storm with their Galaxy S10 phones that are going to be released next year? Read on and find out.

The problem with the Galaxy S9 and S9+

Analysts have a difficult time pinpointing the exact reason for this sales drop. The phone does bring a number of improvements that are noticeable and that are useful at the same time. The only problem that they could identify is the fact that the public may have a hard time getting accustomed to the design of the phone.
It looks incredibly similar to the S8 and S8+ which were released last year. So, in order to sum things up, seeing a phone that looks almost the same as the one from last year might make people decide to stick with their current smartphones and wait to see what will come up next.

Features of the Galaxy S10

A video made by Concept Creator has recently gone viral in the mobile community. In it, he envisions how the Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to look like and all the possible features that it is going to have based on the rumors and the information that Samsung has decided to release. It is still very early to be certain that what the video presented will be what we are going to see but the concept design is indeed beautiful and eye-catching.

In the clip, we can see that the Samsung S10 will probably come with the long-awaited and long-rumored fingerprint scanner that is going to be included into the screen. Moreover, it will come with a 2k SuperAMOLED screen and DeX 3.0 wireless sharing. For those that were worried about the casing of the phone, the video shows that the S10 is going to have a frosted glass casing.

Problem with the fingerprint reader

This piece of technology was rumored to appear on some of Samsung’s phones as well but so far we have not seen it happen, which is why most people believe that the S10 will be the first phone to present this reader. While that may be true, the problem comes when taking into account the fact that Samsung is going through a small bump, with rumors going around that the company will need more time to finish this piece of technology. It is still likely that the feature will come out with the S10 phone but more so when we think about the fact that this smartphone marks a decade of innovations in the S line of phones.

3D Camera for the Samsung Galaxy S10

Another major rumor that we have been hearing a lot from is the fact that Samsung Galaxy S10 is probably going to have the 3D camera sensing technology that became popular back when Apple was marketing the iPhone X, this one being one of the most interesting features. So we personally are excited to see how Samsung is going to incorporate this feature into their phones and whether or not it will be similar to the iPhone X or if it will be different.

Color Schemes

In a world where we are now able to find a phone cover that we like almost with a snap of our fingers, it is pretty amazing to see phone companies still choose to have some variety with their phone’s color schemes and not always go on the same black or white option, pun intended. This is why we are happy to say that Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to come in a dark red variant. From the pictures that we have seen this color scheme is bound to catch everyone’s eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X?

With Apple going around making the big change in the way in which they named their phones with the iPhone X, some people believe that Samsung is bound to do the same thing with the S10, naming it the Galaxy X. However, these rumors do not hold too much ground since the South Korean company has already announced that they want to name their first foldable phone the Galaxy X. Nevertheless, some people are still certain that Samsung is playing a trick on its customers and that, when they unveil this phone later this year, it will be the Galaxy X.

The release date

Since we have already gone through all the information that we know so far about the S10, the last thing that we must inevitably talk about is when this phone is going to be released. Since the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung galaxy S9+ have already been released on the market just a month ago, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy S10 to be available to customers sometime during the first half of 2019. In the meantime, we expect to hear more from Samsung in the second half of 2019 since the South Korean company is bound to come out with some information regarding their phone’s specs and probably another project that they are working on.
Until then we can only sit and wait to either hear from Samsung or come upon another piece of leaked information.

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