Samsung Galaxy S10 To Ship with a Triple-Lens Camera System

After months of waiting, Samsung finally decided to announce that Galaxy Note 9 is going to be unveiled in August. The tech giant is going to host an “Unpacked” event at in Brooklyn, New York and that’s where Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled. Considering that Galaxy Note 9 will hold the title of being Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the expectations for the smartphone are set really high and Samsung needs to deliver.

Although, this doesn’t mean that Galaxy Note 9 is going to be the only device that Samsung fans will want to hear about during the upcoming event. There have been many leaks which showcased some unique features such as a triple lens camera setup that next year’s Galaxy S10 might be equipped with and fans are hoping that Samsung might confirm some of them. Nonetheless, today we are going to check out everything there is to know about Galaxy S10 and get a glimpse of what’s to come.

Three Different Models

One of the most reoccurring rumors regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 is that there are going to be three models of it. This rumor is also being backed by the folks at ET News which is a Korean publication that claims to have insider knowledge.

Moreover, the three models will be different in size and hardware specs. The reason why Samsung is doing this is that it wants to cater to all budget-ranges so that everyone can purchase the company’s flagship smartphone. This will also help Samsung get the upper hand over Apple which is renowned for charging a premium price for its products.

Triple Lens Camera System

If there’s something we all know about Samsung, then it just the fact that the tech giant loves to equip its smartphones with high-end cameras. Samsung’s smartphones are becoming more camera-centric as times passes and ET News is reporting that Galaxy S10 will feature a triple lens camera system.

This unique feature is probably going to be available only on the premium model of Galaxy S10 and even though we might not know what type of improvement it brings, we can be sure that it will snap better pictures than the standard two lens camera system that Galaxy S9 currently sports.

Facial Recognition

Just like Apple’s latest iPhone X, the upcoming Galaxy S10 will feature 3D advanced face scanning technology which will help users unlock their smartphone simply by looking at it. In addition, Samsung will probably remove the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner now that Galaxy S10 will have facial recognition software.

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