Samsung Galaxy S10 to Resemble iPhone X More with its 3D Sensor

Recent reports coming from South Korea state that Samsung is preparing to revolutionize the tech market with amazing additions. It couldn’t be otherwise since the Galaxy brand is close to its 10th anniversary and the star of the party will be the long-awaited S10.

The device is already under public attention. Some voices claim that we could see an early launch since the developers might want to open the way for another important release – the foldable Galaxy X might be seen for the first time at the MWC 2018. However, we have more ”juicy” staff to share.

What will the new Samsung smartphone bring?

According to The Bell, a famous Korean tech publication, Samsung Galaxy S10 will have some innovative features. The first top-notch introduction is a 3D sensor which replaced the iris scanner for the first time since the launch of Galaxy Note 7.

New technology means new infrastructure, so it looks like Samsung needs to order some equipment from its partner companies. The new 3D sensor was introduced by Apple’s iPhone X and, thanks to it, Samsung is thinking about taking the facial recognition feature to the next level. Their intention increases security and privacy levels.

How about the fingerprint scanner?

Samsung is still planning to give users the opportunity to use fingerprint scanner within the new Galaxy S10, but it looks like this time it won’t be on the back. It has been placed under the display screen, an idea presented for the first time by Vivo smartphones and the latest edition of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition.

Will it have other improvements?

Successful ideas remain on top, so, according to the same Korean publication, The Bell, the Galaxy S10 will keep the display used by the present Galaxy S9. Some changes can be notable in terms of size, especially if we were to measure the S10 Plus. It looks like the display will grow by 0.1 inches. In this case, the S10 Plus will feature a display of 6.3 inches, just like Galaxy Note 8 has right now.

When can we see it for the first time?

Samsung hasn’t made any announcement concerning the Galaxy S10’s launch date, but users are getting anxious to get their hands on it. Some leaks claim that it could be launched in the first part of 2019. Until then, several changes could appear, so all we can do is wait and see!

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