Samsung Galaxy S10 To Come in Four Versions

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Come in Four Versions

We are pretty sure that 2019 is quite full of pride due to the fact that Samsung Galaxy S10 might be the best flagship phone of the year compared to the not so wow Samsung Galaxy S9 from the South Korean tech Giant.

Do not get us wrong! These two phones, Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Plus version of it are strong but do not have the 5-star strong status so if Samsung wants to remain at the top of the industry, and we need to be impressed. Do not get us started with the competition it faces from Huawei and Apple.

With that being said, rumors are never too early to make there, so we are ready to share some of them with them. The most important fact is that Samsung superfans estimate that their favorite phone manufacturer will reveal not two or three but four versions of the Galaxy S10 when it will become the time to reveal them. Since Apple came into the game for the first time with their iPhone, Samsung has been competing with the company since. In recent times Samsung phones do receive good reviews.

We have gotten used to Samsung to launch only two versions of a flagship phone, a regular size, and a larger scale. However, it looks like the techies from the XDA Developers site have been using their eagle eyes and looked into the code for the Android 9 operating system of Google which has been configuring for existing Samsung phones. Some other upcoming handsets will need to run this operating system, so the site explained that ‘the four Samsung Galaxy S10 models that we found are code-named “beyond 0”, “beyond 1”, “beyond 2”, and “beyond 2 5G”,’ explained the site.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

In addition to that, they said that the small configuration files are not a good source of features or specs and that only the models get us ready for what we should expect from the South Korean tech giant. As you might already know as a Samsung superfan, this company like to code-name their devices and the name they came up with for the Galaxy S10 model is “beyond.” Usually, we should expect a new phone from Samsung in March or even February depending on when the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona takes place, but the internet never runs out of rumors about this phone’s headline features.

To begin with, this phone well finally has the all-screen display we have been waiting for. That means that no bezels will be included, no notch and no home button which might sound difficult for some. Yap, we know that there should be a camera on the front of the phone but nobody has any idea about where that one would be located. Besides that, rumors also assume that the company has finally come up with a solution for the fingerprint scanner and they would mount it underneath the screen. Sounds innovative, huh? Samsung is not the only company having this as their primary goal, so if this would happen in 2019, it is quite rare and difficult.

However, the most interesting of all these possibilities might be the ‘beyond 2 5G’ which has something in its name that makes all of us excited for its reveal in 2019. As early as the end of this year, trials for 5G will take place, and it is expected to launch in its full form next year. What we know for sure is that Samsung will not miss the chance to make their phones compatible with this feature with the new wireless technology. If what we are talking about turns to be accurate, it means that this fourth version of the Galaxy S10 will be compatible with 5G and it must be a little more expensive as well.

After analyzing all of this information, we can conclude that the phone companies are looking to reveal as many phones as possible. It started with only one, then they doubled the number and made it a series, Apple has even launched a trio of iPhones, and now Samsung will reveal a set of four versions of Samsung Galaxy S10? We will need to keep an eye on that.



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