Samsung Galaxy S10 to be Better than the Shiny New iPhones

Samsung Galaxy S10 to be Better than the Shiny New iPhones

Because of all the leaks and speculations about the production details and design schedule, tech geeks already know what Apple has in store for the iPhone XS release. Also, Samsung’s future launch of the Galaxy S10, which will happen sometime in 2019, hides a few secrets as well. For what we know so far, it seems pretty clear that Samsung’s product has the specs to beat Apple’s smartphones.

There are at least three key points in which Samsung doesn’t only put up a good fight against Apple, but it can destroy any sign of competition as well. First of all, let’s talk about reliability because, curiously or not, it is Samsung’s strong suit. Despite the South Korean’s one rather bad high-profile device which failed strongly enough to remain in our memory – the Galaxy Note 7 with its tightly packed battery – Samsung did everything in its power to act quickly in order to fix the problem.

When you compare this instance with Apple’s numerous battery problems, the avoidance of taking the blame and the difficulty with which Tim Cook and his team were dragged towards an acceptable outcome for their customers, it is pretty clear which company comes on top.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone 2018

Another example concerns the portfolios of both companies. When we think about the iPhone 6 through 8, we must remember that all presented major flaws which derived from poorly designed hardware. Of course, what worked in the past isn’t a clear indication of what the future holds in store for us but at least it offers us some form of a pattern. The Galaxy line was far more reliable than Apple, and the mainstream media knows this.

Then, let’s talk about flexibility. There are plenty of customers that are looking just for a brand product and that’s it. For them, it is enough to take something out of a box and if it works, they never give a second thought about specs. However, those that are looking for performance see clearly that the Galaxy S10 outpaces Apple’s iPhone XS. It comes with more memory, storage, processing power, all falls on Samsung’s lap.

Even if Apple does indeed move towards a device with 512 Gb of storage, Samsung will then gain the advantage of the second move which will allow them to match Apple’s advance and then leverage the microSD card to further increase of the capacity.

Last but definitely not least, it all comes down to cameras. For years, Samsung has managed to gain the upper hand over Apple, when it comes to the camera quality. Of course, it is often a hard debate over the type and number of lenses used by both companies but the South Koreans have clear expertise in post-capture image processing which, when combined with adjustable aperture lenses, will hand the visual victory to Samsung’s flagship phone.

People love a dispute. Be it politics or sports, everyone has a favorite. Of course, this is also the case of Samsung versus Apple. There are people that pledged allegiance to the iOS or the Android, becoming diehard followers of a certain product. The real fight is for those that switch from one operating system to another. For them, these details, image quality, hardware specs and so on, will make a contribution in arriving at a decision.

There’s another factor to consider as well. Apple looks to label its latest iPhones as ‘S’ updates to what it previously delivered. Samsung, on the other hand, will mark 10 years since it launched the first Galaxy product. Of course, the perception will work in Samsung’s favor because it is only natural to be swayed towards something worth celebrating.

As we previously said, many people treat these two companies the same as they treat politics. For some, there are no differences whatsoever between how they feel for Samsung or Apple and how they respect the Republican or Democratic parties. Those people are incredibly hard to convince to change sides.

That’s why we deduce that neither company looks to start on such an impossible mission. Each smartphone manufacturer can be sure of one thing, that their fans will be more than pleased with what they will deliver. However, Samsung has the upper hand in attracting the undecided middle ground.



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