Samsung Galaxy S10 To Be Better Than Apple’s 2018 iPhone X

Samsung has managed to raise a lot of hype when it comes to their latest devices. People are already head over heels with excitement for the Note 9 even though it has not come out yet and the same thing can be said about the S10, which is due to be released next year. The model will not only have a set of exciting design changes, but it will also come with some hardware improvements as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Strengths

A report states that Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with a faster chip, a change that we cannot say that we did not expect to happen. Our main guess for this mysterious highly performing processor is the Exynos 9820 chip. While this is all perfect for Samsung’s next line-up of high-end flagship devices for 2019, will this processor be able to top Apple’s A12 chip?

From what we can understand, Samsung is probably going to use the processor that we have mentioned. The M$ is Exynos 9820’s performance core, which has clocked at up to 3.30GHZ when tested. The Cortez A-76 chip, Apple’s performance core, also clocks up to 3.30GHZ. So far the two are tied.

Samsung’s processor scores up to 13000 in Geekbench tests whereas the Cortex-A76 performs just like the Exynos 9810, meaning that it scores around 11000 in the same Geekbench tests. This implied that Samsung’s chip is by far the best one out there when putting to the test. Just to create a small comparison, as we have mentioned, Exynos 9810 has the same marks as the Cortez-A76 chip. Multi-score tests for the S9+, a high-end device that has been recently released by the South Korean company, only scores around 8700 in a benchmark test.

However, benchmark tests are not always a clear reflection of real-life performance. Yes, on paper iPhone X may be the top competitor at the moment but other devices such as OnePlus 6 or the S9+ beat Apple’s handheld device with their performance in real life situations.

This implies that no matter what benchmark results seem to show, the real-life test made by the user in a various number of settings is the most important. Until next year rolls around and we finally get to see the S10 being released, we are only left to speculate on how the two devices will perform when put against one another. We might place our bets on Samsung, but we will have to test them out for ourselves to see the truth.

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