Samsung Galaxy S10 Surprise – We Didn’t See This Coming

Samsung Galaxy S10 Surprise – We Didn’t See This Coming

If you set some expectations, Galaxy S10 will not fulfill them. If you want its headline feature, you will need to pay extra, the detail revealed as Samsung is determined to pull out all the stops for its 10th-anniversary model.

While investigating the best features / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines, what I find can be described as “ Well kept secret features” and “Stinky surprises”.

If you expect Samsung to bring its long-awaited in-display fingerprint reader to the entry-level Galaxy S10, you will have your hopes crashed by SamMobile because it says it will not happen. Because Samsung is searching for cutting down costs, that feature will be  “side-mounted” on the frame.

More details on the surprise

Why would Samsung take such a risk with such an important phone? Is the question that trembles on everybody’s lips.

They want a change of strategy. Three Galaxy S10 models are expected to be released by Samsung instead of the usual two with the third an ‘entry-level’ device. ‘Entry-level’ being undefined rises the problem of this stage: it can whether be a standard model with the in-display reader saved for two new high-end options much as Apple did last year when releasing the iPhone X above the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or it may be a significantly cheaper option like Apple’s upcoming budget iPhone X.

Personal opinion

My thoughts are that whether the Galaxy range can take dilution of its flagship range as well as Apple’s iPhone, remains to be seen as Samsung will do the former though.

Motorola, Sony, and Vivo have all previously tried side-mounted fingerprint readers on their phones and all without success so it keeps us tense to see if Samsung will make it happen.

I commend Samsung for trying to do something different after having seen both its phones and their sales stagnate in 2018.

I worry that fragmenting the Galaxy S10 on the range’s 10th anniversary is not the way to go… What strengthens my opinion are the facts that the Galaxy Note 8 is also treading a risk path and Samsung is determined to charge a fortune for its most exciting new phone.



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