Samsung Galaxy S10 Storage Space and Improved Processor

Samsung Galaxy S10 Storage Space and Improved Processor

The title for the most exciting phone of 2019 might be received by the Samsung Galaxy S10. All of that happens next to the Samsung Galaxy S9 that the South Korean tech giant has amazingly improved compared to its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 are not strong enough to receive the 5-star rating, though. With that being said, the brand needs to come up with some better changes if they want to keep their top place taking into consideration the fact that Huawei and Apple, its competitors, are working on their innovations as well.

Now it is time to put aside the past and present and talk about the amazing future. Getting into the juicy news and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S9 is what everyone wants, right? It is not long since the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been released, but tech fans are hyper already discussing its successor. To be more specific, their main subject is the storage amount that this phone will come with next year.

With that being said, everybody knows that the base level of Samsung phones’ storage had become 64GB since 2016 when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 got released. A few years later, and by that we mean 2018, Samsung upgraded the minimum storage level to 128GB when they launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It looks like Samsung wants to include that in the next product from its Galaxy S series because there is one new technology that has been announced.

UFS 3.0 is what we were talking about. According to The head of mobile memory product of the South Korean tech giant who was talking at the 4G/5G summit held by Qualcomm in Hong Kong, it is a faster and newer storage technology that will be available starting with 2019 on Samsung devices.

UFS 3.0, the newer technology, comes with great improvements fro the 3D NAND manufacturing. What that means is that now not that much space will be taken up into your phone by the memory and what is even better is that it will work faster.

We are expecting the UFS 3.0 to be launched in the first half of the next year, which means that Samsung will have it ready to introduce in the Galaxy S10. As the company has previously worked with storages of 64GB and up, it will be a challenge to swap to 512GG, 256GB, and 128GB, the only modules that this tech comes with.

What will happen in early 2019?

The company that makes the storage, Micron, has confirmed that the 1TB UFS 3.0 module is being worked on as well and that they hope to get it done by 2021. Probably the smartphones of the future will have 1TB storages.

The Galaxy Note 9 was marketed by Samsung as the first phone that can extend its storage to 1TB thanks to its internal memory space of 512GB and an additional memory card of 512GB as well.

The same phone was the one to break the Samsung tradition of the primary 64GB storage by coming with 128GB and 512GB options.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 might still come in the 64GB as well all because the debut of the UFS 3.0 technology has not been announced by Samsung yet.

What we are hoping for its that more will be said about the Samsung Galaxy S10 during the Mobile World Congress from next years which is scheduled on the 25th of February. Until then no information is certain about the next Galaxy S series phone.

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