Samsung Galaxy S10+ Spotted on Geekbench with Android 11

There was all-round admiration for the South Korean major Samsung for the way in which it swiftly upgraded the Android Pie software version on its latest devices. The usual delays between the release of the beta version of the operating system and its adoption in the devices were dramatically cut down this time. The same alacrity appears to be visible with the next version of the OS, Android 11 or R if you go by the alphabetic progression. The information has been gleaned from a sighting of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ on the benchmarking site Geekbench recently.

Model Number in Code

When firms submit their devices to Geekbench for benchmarking, the model name as it is known in the market is not specified. The internal identity code given is mentioned. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is identified as Samsung SM-G975F. Similarly, the operating system is mentioned as Android R, keeping with the way Google has been naming its OS each year alphabetically. The current version being used is the Android Q.

Apart from making a note of the new OS version, there is very little else you can make out from this Geekbench listing.

Galaxy S10 Plus

Google had Revealed the Preview of the New OS Recently

Samsung has hardly lost any time in trying out the new software on its flagship device though launched last year. A preview of the Android 11 was shared by Google only a few days earlier. Google releases the new version of its Android OS in the second half of the year. February may appear too early for its release for loading on to smartphones. Google may want to have its Google Pixel range of phones running on the new firmware first before the other brands pick it up for upgrading their models.

There is a possibility that the overall time taken to have the stable version of the new OS upgraded on all eligible Android devices from the time it is unveiled by Google may be shrunk to the bare minimum. Most brands of smartphones have developed their own user interfaces and they would need to rebuild them to match the changes brought about by Google in the OS.

Lastly, the thing smartphone users would be interested in knowing is if their device would get the upgrade in the firmware to the Android 11 OS. The thumb rule being followed by Samsung is a maximum of two firmware upgrades per device. If your device falls within this stipulation, you can expect an upgrade, sooner or later.

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