Samsung Galaxy S10: Special 5G Phone Likely to get Verizon’s 5G Service

Samsung Galaxy S10: You have been regularly reading in these columns loads of information on the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones to be released in early 2019. Here’s one more piece of news that will please you, if you are a resident of the United States. The 5G enabled top-end Samsung Galaxy model planned for release in March next year will indeed be the device that will be carrying the 5G service from Verizon.

Model Not Officially Spelt Out

The official communication jointly released by Verizon and Samsung confirms that there will be the launch of the 5G service by Verizon in the US next year in the first quarter and it will be on a Samsung device. Since the phone Samsung Galaxy S10 or SX or whatever name it actually bears, has not been announced by the company so far, the model number has been omitted from the communication and that is understandable too. Customers in the US will get to enjoy the faster 5G service next year. Only the home broadband segment has tasted the new technology, also operated by Verizon. There is already a skeleton service running in South Korea. This gives the South Korean company the opportunity to try the device out, before launching it in a key market like the US. In fact, there have been videos doing the rounds claiming to be of the 5G enabled Samsung Galaxy phone and the video too has been shot using the service, though it is still to be verified and authenticated.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5K

What Can You Expect from the Samsung 5G Phone?

Here’s a recap of what you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone: it is expected to have a 6.7-inch display, no notch or hole but an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and front camera and all of 12GB RAM. There is ambiguity on the internal storage; it could be 512GB or 1TB. While the processor was rumored to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150, the X50 5G NR is now being touted as the possible choice of the processor for this 5G phone from Samsung. It is learnt that Samsung too has an equivalent Exynos 5100SoC for the 5G enabled smartphones.

As things stand, most of these appear to be quite reliable and can be confirmed.

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