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Samsung Galaxy S10: Several Versions of Renders Make Appearance

Samsung Galaxy S10: Suddenly, a closeup image of the front screen of the proposed Samsung Galaxy S10 is posted as a render and claims to be the authentic version of the phone to be released next year. But it is still not very clear which one is the genuine one. The reason for this is that the round cutout for the camera is appearing on the top right side of the screen in some and on the top left in the other. Which one is correct? It is not clear yet. Interestingly, the option Infinity O demonstrated by Samsung officially at the Developers’ conference had the hole right at the top center of the screen.

Camera and Its Functioning the Main Issue

In an era where selfie cameras are receiving tremendous attention and some Chinese smartphone makers are packing the front cameras with more powerful sensors than even the main cameras in the rear, it might come as a surprise if Samsung’s celebrated 10th anniversary issue flagship should end up with a front camera that can’t snap sharp pictures because the camera had to be embedded below the surface of the display and therefore enough light cannot reach the lens to take blemish-free pictures.

Is keeping the hole on either edge meant to overcome this handicap? Again, one cannot say decisively after seeing these renders purportedly of the Samsung Galaxy S10. There are even claims being made that the technology that can make this camera under display with the hole to increase the real estate for the display, will not be ready till 2020. Will Samsung take a gamble and go ahead with the proposed embedded camera? The funniest part of the whole episode is that the renders have been deleted. Can’t that be the indirect admission that the image posted before being asked to be deleted was indeed the phone?

There has been some clarity on the processor front. The reason Samsung cannot sell in the US with its Exynos 9820 processor is a tacit understanding that the Korean company will not sell its own processors in the US market. There goes! It will then be the phone being sold in the US with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 chipset (not the 845SoC? Seriously?) and the greater part of the remaining markets in the world will get the phone will have the Exynos 9820 as the engine.

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